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Better to find things fast than to search for them for a long time! Our award-winning solutions for electronic file management inspire an incredible number of our customers. This is because these solutions are so flexible in their handling and can be used to create digital files of the most varied types and contents in the shortest possible time.

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Briefly explained: Digital file management with windream

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Learn more in our on-demand video "Digital file management made easy". In this online presentation, we will show you how to use digital files accurately with our windream solutions. Experience a flexibility never known before in digital file management.

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Digital files and documents make (working) life easier

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Creation of digital files e.g. personnel/ supplier/ customer or contract files
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Legally compliant and audit-proof archiving of digital files
Protection against unauthorized access through dynamic rights concept
Manage digital files easily via Windows Explorer with windream
Manage digital files easily via Windows Explorer
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Fast and targeted research of information
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Automatic data storage
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Test winner in the BARC study E-File

Digital file management - just click instead of complicated filing

Files determine a large part of our everyday work. But traditional paper files are increasingly being replaced by digital files. They are much more efficient to use and more convenient to search. This alone means that so-called "e-files" offer users significantly more advantages than paper documents that have to be laboriously stapled and filed in files. Digital documents are the central component of every e-file. Where DIN A-4 sheets used to have to be laboriously sorted and filed, digital documents now predominate.

Digitize any information in e-files

This is not just about conventional office documents such as Word or Excel files. Images, photos, drawings, handwritten and scanned information, or even audio and video files also become part of a customizable digital file - regardless of their respective file format. The type of information you can store in digital files is arbitrary. As a user, you are thus able to systematize your individually required "files" at any time and find them again without any time-consuming effort.

Digital file management - from creation to archiving

In the course of the progressive digitization of business processes in companies, electronic file management not only plays a central role, it will also become much more important in the future. After all, files have to be managed in every company. And the number of documents to be managed as "inner" components of the digital files is increasing immeasurably.

The digital filing cabinet - much more than paper files can do

The introduction of a software for the administration of digital files is easier than you think. This is because windream solutions are already configured ready-to-use. Thus, you do not need any programming knowledge, and a time-consuming introduction of employees to the administration of digital files is almost superfluous, too. In the end, digital files establish a 1:1 relation compared to traditional paper files, so that you work with e-files in exactly the same way as with conventional paper files. Only: with digital files, you act much faster and more efficiently.

Maximum protection against unauthorized access - the digital filing cabinet with integrated rights concept

With our software solutions, you map your filing cabinets on the purely digital level - space-saving, individual and safe from data loss. Because digital filing cabinets can also be "locked". Depending on which users you grant the right to read or edit e-files, you alone determine who is allowed to view your digital files. This is extremely important, especially when it comes to sensitive information contained in personnel files or customer files, for example.

Digital files offer significant advantages compared to paper

In contrast to traditional, paper files, the windream software for digital file management offers advantages which cannot be found in a "paper archive" at all.

Thus, the digital windream file management allows company employees to create their own views on digital files and the documents they contain, without changing the actual file structure. The person in charge only has to create his own individual view on the  files of his company and can thus have the digital files displayed on the screen exactly as it is optimal for his work.

This, of course, also speeds up access to the digital files and the information stored in them rapidly. For example, inquiries from customers or suppliers can be answered immediately without any time delay. In addition, using individually definable and sophisticated research strategies, administrators can ensure that any information can be found "at the touch of a button", regardless of which digital files contain the information they are looking for. Try that with paper files!

Search & Find

In this context, the especially manifold requirements which have to be considered when securely storing digital files - especially in the field of personnel administration - are also taken into account.Thus, all file-related administrative processes with windream's digital file management naturally also fulfill the legal requirements of data protection in terms of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO).  The requirements of this EU-wide regulation can be realized with a sophisticated rights concept which can be applied to digital files. This concept ensures that only those employees who are explicitly authorized have access to e-files containing sensitive, personal information.

Meet compliance requirements

The digital files and the documents stored in them are kept safe in the digital archive. windream ensures that the legal or fiscal and financial requirements which apply to the storage of business-relevant documents are met at any time, and it also ensures that the data cannot be changed. This means that all digital files stored in the windream archive cannot be modified after a precisely definable processing period, for example, and that they can still be retrieved after many years. Important to know for all users: The immutability of digital files and the entire windream system has been confirmed by an independent legal opinion.

Legally compliant archiving

You have already generated information in third-party applications which is to be stored in digital files? No problem, because windream software for digital file management can be integrated into the existing IT-infrastructure of a company without any further programming effort. This is especially important if company-specific software is already used to create and save business-relevant information, e.g. ERP-systems.

windream can be directly connected to the ERP-system leading in the company, e.g. in SAP-environments or in the context of Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV, as well as in cooperation with many further applications. These include e-mail applications such as Microsoft Outlook. The advantage: Important information that you receive or send by e-mail can be quickly and easily copied to the digital files of your choice at the click of a mouse!

The master data already contained in the third party applications will then be automatically transferred to the windream file management system, where they will be used for creating, indexing and thus managing the digital files.


As a user, you hate to change your usual working environment or even to familiarize yourself with a new one? This is exactly the fact which windream's file management takes into account, as the top priority aims at completely reproducing a traditional paper archive with all its usual features, such as registers, tables of contents, file covers, labels and sorting of contents from A to Z or according to indices, on the electronic level and thus replacing it once and for all.

In addition, there are further requirements which the windream solutions for digital files fulfill ad hoc, such as the creation of subregisters on different levels or the automatic generation of file plans on the basis of company-specific specifications, including the assignment of file numbers and keys according to existing plans.

Are you worried about forgetting important deadlines? Then assign dates for automated resubmission of specific digital files and define deadlines within which file content must be processed. And all this without the well-known disadvantages of the paper archive!

Going paperless

Thanks to the complete integration of windream's file solutions into the Windows operating system, digital files can be organised just as easily and efficiently as any other documents. Due to the windream-specific, patented software concept of Microsoft Windows integration, all stored information in digital form can easily be administered via the Windows Explorer.

This also means for you as a user: You neither have to leave your familiar working environment, nor do you have to familiarize yourself with a new one. Just stick to the familiar navigation via the Explorer!

In a large-scale analysis, the independent Business Application Research Center (BARC) in Würzburg has put the most well-known e-file solutions of different German manufacturers to the test. The result: The windream digittal file solution wins with a partly serious advantage over the other solutions!

The BARC analysts come to the conclusion that the windream solution is ideally suited for imaging files electronically, and they further conclude that windream GmbH is and will remain one of those German software producers who are at the very top of the market for software systems for document management with their innovations and solutions. National and international companies of the D-A-CH-region, which use windream, confirmed this by their positive feedback.

Test winner BARC E-File

Brochure on digital file management with windream

In the course of the progressive digitization of business processes in companies, electronic file management not only plays a central role, it will also become much more important in the future.

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From order to supplier - digital files open up unimagined possibilities

No matter whether personnel files, customer files, supplier files, project files, order files or contract files: In the future, a convenient and efficient management of these eminently important documents for all companies can only be managed with the help of electronic systems. The windream solutions for digital file management are extremely helpful tools - and test winner of the BARC study! Digital files open up unimagined possibilities of modern file management for the user.

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Personnel files are an essential part of any company. Electronic file management allows you to individually manage all digital documents which arise in the context of a personnel position - from interim references and photos of your employees to the storage of settlements and curricula vitae. By the way: in this context, windream naturally also fulfills the requirements of the EU-DSGVO in terms of the data protection defined there with regard to the storage of personal data. Compliance with these regulations is verifiably only possible on the digital level - unless you actually use safes as storage locations for personnel files. But who does that?
Create, manage and archive digital personnel file

Contracts with customers, suppliers and partners, for example, are an integral part of every company. In short: without contractual agreements, many business relationships are almost impossible to maintain. With a digital contract file, you can manage everything existing in your company in terms of contracts and agreements. Simply use our highly specialized software solution, windream Contract Management, to be on the "legally secure" side at any time. From now on, do not miss any deadlines as the system will automatically inform you about upcoming termination dates and deadlines which have to be met.
Monitoring deadlines and dates with the windream contract management system

A meticulously and systematically managed and maintained digital customer file is, to a certain extent, the Bible and thus the foundation of successful sales. But it is only that if the file offers extensive options for managing customer data. And this is only possible with a digital file, too. With windream solutions for file management, you will be on the secure side, even in this equally sensitive and indispensable area. Just like all other forms of digital files, customer files can be generated individually - with exactly the information you need about your customers. Another decisive factor is that you do not have to generate the systematics of the files and the digital documents they contain again for each customer. This automatically creates a uniform look and feel for all the customer data you maintain.

Manage, control and analyze orders - you can do all this conveniently with a digital order file. Sort your file contents according to completely individual criteria and purely virtually, without changing the actual, electronically created file structure. This makes the digital order file and the information stored in them a permanent part of every project.

Managing your suppliers and vendors in a file is just as important as any other type of file used in your company. After all, suppliers are often the backbone of a company, and often - not only in the manufacturing industry - nothing works without reliable suppliers. So what could be more logical than to create a specialized digital file for this purpose as well? Simply record and maintain your supplier data in an e-file. True to the motto: "Who delivered what and when?", with the digital supplier file you can track all processes that have taken place in connection with suppliers at any time.

E-files typically consist not only as a collection of documents and information that have already been created digitally, for example using classic office applications such as Word or Excel. Legacy documents such as hand-signed business letters or documents from prehistoric times, when there were no computers, may also still be important and need to be archived electronically. For this purpose, we offer special imaging solutions which allow you to transfer your so-called "old data stocks" on paper into the digital world in a time-efficient way by scanning them, thus digitizing them and saving them permanently in defined electronic folders or in digital files via windream in an automated way.Easily digitize paper documents

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