Time saving creates more profit

Efficient business processes are particularly important in the areas of procurement and sourcing

In addition to well-functioning communication with the other departments of a company, the focus is on immediate availability of all desired information, which is eminently important for purchasing - from price comparisons and supplier files to invoice management.

In procurement, many, if not all, “threads come together “. And that's why smooth, digital processing of all processes and business processes is so important here. After all, time is money - and through the digital handling of processes, companies actually save a lot of money.


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Controlling processes digitally - archiving documents electronically

With our windream ECM system and our windream BPM solution, you are on the safe side of purchasing in all respects. Control the processes for your procurement activities, archive invoices and any other documents, and find each document immediately, no matter how long ago the process was carried out or how many "purchasing processes" you are currently carrying out in parallel.

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Your advantages

  • Enormous time savings through digital processes
  • Significantly shorter throughput times
  • Electronic information management for all purchasing processes
  • Immediate availability of all stored information

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