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One thing is clear: anyone who archives documents must also be able to find them again! This applies to the paper-based archive as much as to the digital data pool. But: time is the decisive factor. The walk into the paper-based archive in the basement takes much longer than the search in the electronic archive. windream supports you as a user with sophisticated search options, with which you can find any document - whether Word files or videos from the last company outing - immediately.

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With windream searching for documents is as easy as pie!

For example, you can use the Navigator Search wizard to help you enter search terms. Choose the semantic search to include a search for terms of similar meaning. Use the indexes or keywords with allocated to the archived documents in the index search. Or simply use the full text search to find documents using any terms contained in them.

windream also offers you the option to create search profiles, which you can store on your desktop, for example, in order to repeat a search query - even if it is very complex - without having to enter the search criteria several times. Many windream users use exactly this function, for example if search queries are to be executed again and again according to the same criteria.

The sophisticated windream search options have met with great acceptance among our employees.

Thomas EngelhardtHead of IT, TITAN Umreifungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Schwelm

Another desired effect of electronic archiving is that due to the comfortable search functions employees are able to immediately retrieve every archived document from the windream archive on the basis of the assigned index criteria.

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