The Digital Transformation - from Paper to File

Proven remedy against file towers on the desk: Scanners! Today, however, they can do much more than just digitize paper - especially when windream is in play. In the course of technical development, scanners have proven to be the ideal hardware component for efficiently digitizing large document bulks.

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Scanning and managing paper documents

Especially in combination with windream, scan solutions are the ideal tool for capturing and transferring paper documents into an electronic format. Scanners have not only become increasingly powerful, but also offer a very high level of operating convenience in combination with suitable software solutions and even allow the entire capture, indexing and archiving process to be automated in the ECM system.

More about managing documents

Extract from the success story of Kösel GmbH & Co. KG, Altusried

”Example of inbound documents: Incoming invoices that are on paper are first digitized by scanning, unless they are already available as e-mail attachments in PDF format. The individual documents are separated by the assignment of barcodes. The use of electronic workflows enables employees to directly access the associated cost centers to which they assign the incoming invoices. All documents are archived in windream.“

To the complete success story

No question about it, of course we are very happy when a project is as successful as the one at Kösel. But in the end it is also important to be able to offer the customer a product that he not only accepts, but is convinced of because it is easy to integrate and operate.

Karlheinz Vollmerwindream-Partner and CEO of offino Systemlösungen GmbH, Altusried, über das Kösel-Projekt

Your advantages

  • Powerful digitization of heterogeneous paper documents and stacks
  • Capturing, indexing and archiving in a single step
  • Automated index extraction
  • Specialized software connection to different scanners
  • Optional add-on solutions of the windream partners

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