Electronic Invoice Management with windream Solutions

The electronic management of incoming invoices becomes child's play with windream!

No matter whether you receive invoices by e-mail - for example as PDFs - or on paper: With windream Invoice Management, you get an integrated solution that covers all processing steps from the initial capture to the release.

The entire process is handled in digital form. Even invoices that are initially only available on paper can be scanned efficiently and largely automatically and can then also be further processed in electronic form .

Save time and optimize business processes

With our intelligent software, recurring workflows around invoices can be conveniently automated. The result: enormous time savings and significant optimization of all business processes. With the additional use of special classification tools, the solution identifies and interprets contents from invoices independently and transfers the essential information to the windream BPM Business Process Management solution for further processing. This results in an enormously high degree of automation.

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Centralized capture - automatic notification

Since all incoming invoices are stored centrally in a configurable inbox folder known to the system, the system can also react accordingly when new invoices are added to this folder. The system automatically notifies the users involved and asks them to accept and process the "invoice jobs".

Within the running process, it is possible to select a responsible agent. The individual steps of the workflow should not be interpreted as a rigid concept, but can also be executed flexibly. This means, for example, that the further course of the workflow can depend on a certain maximum invoice amount. If a defined maximum amount is exceeded, managerial staff can be involved in the release process if required. Flexibility in this context means that a workflow can be individually designed and adapted in such a way that it precisely fulfils the internal requirements and wishes of a company.

Complete process history as a PDF file

After final approval, the system automatically creates a complete history of the entire process in the form of a PDF/A file. It is directly linked to the invoice to which the history refers. This allows you to exactly trace which processor decided what and when at a later point in time.

In addition, the system records all relevant process data in an XML file and links the data with the actual invoice document. The XML file can be used, for example, to transfer the data generated during the process to a third-party application, such as an ERP system. Of course, every processed invoice document is archived in the windream ECM system in a compliant manner. In general, the windream Invoice Management offers an outstanding flexibility.

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Your advantages

  • Uncomplicated implementation
  • Efficient handling of all incoming invoice processes
  • Complete transparency of the processes for the user
  • High degree of automation
  • Fast return on investment
  • Powerful software solution with electronic workflows and windream ECM integration
  • Complete documentation of all processes
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