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Modern e-mail management is more than "just" archiving

windream supports you in the management of extensive e-mail volumes and mailboxes. With our e-mail management solutions, we offer transparent and easy-to-use systems to companies and users who are faced daily with the time-consuming task of having to fight their way through a flood of mails and distinguishing between important and unimportant tasks.

The windream e-mail archiving software provides windream users with modern and extremely powerful software tools that enable both automated and manual archiving of e-mails in windream.

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windream saves you from drowning in the flood of e-mails

A German proverb says"Those who keep order are too lazy to search for things." Does this also apply to you? Or do you already belong to those users who prefer to use their time more sensibly than by searching for dozens of mailboxes for an e-mail that you received at some time in the last five years? – windream saves you from drowning in the flood of e-mails.

Significant added value

In view of the fact that e-mail traffic will continue to increase in the future, the windream e-mail archiving solutions offer all users significant added value in the meaningful and effective administration of their electronic messages.

Another factor that should not be underestimated is the significant relief of the mail server. In addition, there are the extensive, but easy-to-use ECM functions, with which the messages can not only be managed much more comfortably than on the mail server. The targeted search for messages is also child's play with windream. Last but not least, windream fully complies with the current legal requirements for mail archiving.

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