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The more complex they are, the more difficult it is to control business processes. But there is another way - with windream.

The optimization of business processes is a central goal for almost all companies, not only to keep pace with other providers, but also to stay one step ahead of the competition .

Based on this objective, we offer a powerful tool for modeling, controlling and optimizing your business processes besides our windream ECM. In combination with our windream ECM system, this results in a complete software package with which real business processes can be virtually simulated on the one hand, but with which any documents can be assigned to business processes on the other hand .

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Ready when you are!

On the basis of windream BPM, almost all business processes that occur in a company on a daily basis can be automated - from invoice processing and file management to document and personnel management. For this purpose we offer highly specialized software solutions, which in combination with our windream ECM form an intelligent and highly integrated complete system.

Concentrated and purposeful instead of "quick and dirty"

While windream BPM securely controls your business processes through your daily business, our windream ECM system ensures that all documents you need are immediately available. Only by linking the business processes with the process-related documents can you ensure that you have every document at your disposal without any loss of time if it is needed for a business transaction.

By automating your work processes with windream products, you achieve much higher productivity than by traditional means.

You increase your competitiveness by an extremely economical handling of recurring processes. The application possibilities of our solutions can be used in all conceivable departments of a company.

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Your advantages

  • High degree of automation through the use of specialized software
  • Easy modeling, control and optimization of all business processes
  • Increased efficiency through virtual mapping of real workflows
  • Complete integration of the ECM system into transaction processing
  • Increased competitiveness through economic handling of recurring processes
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