The digital personnel file

Creating, managing and archiving personnel files

Digitization has long since arrived in human resources too. Especially in this sector - regardless of the size of a company - numerous files and their contents have to be managed. From the registration of applicants to the personal data of active employees to the possible deletion of data in accordance with the EU GDPR, many regulations and legal provisions must be observed in the human relations sector.

With the digital personnel file, you complete these often time-consuming tasks completely electronically - and thus much faster than by conventional means.

More about personnel files and file management

Briefly explained: Personnel file with windream Dynamic Workspace

The windream Enterprise Content Management system can do much more than "just" manage documents. Especially in the field of file management - and especially in personnel management - the system offers unprecedented possibilities to organise personnel data and the related documents efficiently, securely and flexibly at the same time. In this context, of course, it also fulfils the particularly diverse requirements that need to be taken into account in the area of personnel management.

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Focus on employees

windream enables the administrators in the personnel department to accompany and support the employees of their company at any time during their professional career on the basis of an efficient file management - from new hires to training up to extra-occupational courses and training courses. The digital management of employee-related documents with windream even allows an automated control of necessary or recurring trainings.


Focus on data protection

All administrative processes of the digital personnel file meet the legal requirements of data protection. windream uses a sophisticated rights concept that ensures that only those Employees have access to sensitive personnel information that is explicitly authorized to do so.

Working legally compliant with windream

Individual views of personnel files and document inventories

The digital personnel file enables employees in the personnel department to create their own views of files and the documents they contain. In this context, files and documents can be View information according to the individual requirements of personnel management and present it on the screen. It is always a purely "virtual" view of the files.

The advantage: A virtual structuring of the files can take place without changing the actually existing folder structure on a windream server on which all documents are stored. The so-called "dynamic views" can be set up according to different criteria, for example according to employee functions, roles, business areas or also according to training level.

The option of automatic notifications also ensures that important appointments and upcoming tasks for personnel management are never missed. Last but not least, the digital personnel file also supports the clerks in the personnel department in quickly accessing the stored information, for example in the case of inquiries from employee.

Your advantages

  • Enormous time savings thanks to a completely digital personnel file based on the windream ECM system
  • One hundred percent data protection compliant according to EU GDPR
  • Dynamic and individual view of personnel files and content
  • Extremely flexible organization and structure of document storage in personnel files

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