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Managing contracts digitally - archiving files in compliance with legal requirements

Not only, but especially in the legal departments of companies, it is important to manage contracts and files in such a way that legally compliant filing is guaranteed at all times. Digital or electronic contract management significantly accelerates work processes such as the checking of contracts. With windream and the windream contract administration for legal departments, you will always have an overview of important legally relevant deadlines, terms and renewal periods.

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The digital windream file administration

The digital windream file administration for legal departments is especially designed for the requirements of legal departments in companies, especially in the field of contract administration. E.g., any records and the information contained in them can be found quickly via the windream retrieval options. A search can be conducted conveniently for records and for the documents contained in the records.

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Integrated module for contract management

Further on, the windream module of the record administration already contains a completely configured and thus immediately usable contract archive which can be filled with contents ad hoc. Of course, records and documents can be indexed in such a way that retrieval of important information is possible via the index criteria of the records and documents without any loss of time.

Integrated workflow for contract review

An integrated workflow for contract review ensures that a review of contracts with their contents and deadlines is carried out completely digitally. This not only accelerates business processes within your legal department, but also links other company departments in such a way that legally compliant work is guaranteed at all times. The shortening of process times leads to significant cost savings - regardless of whether you are working on the move or in the office.

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EU GDPR-compliant and data protection-compatible

The problem: the management of contracts of all kinds is becoming a real challenge in companies, especially in legal departments. It is not just a question of constantly increasing the number of contracts to be managed. As an example, the EU GDPR should be mentioned, which makes contractual agreements, e.g. for order data processing, mandatory. This alone considerably increases the volume of contract documents to be managed.

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Certified legal compliance

In the context of compliance, you work with a system whose conformity with the current legal regulations on immutability in data archiving and retention is fully given. This legal conformity has been fully confirmed to windream by an independent legal opinion. Compliance with legal regulations relating to tax and data protection, e.g. GoBD and EU-DSGVO, applies both to the management of your documents and to archiving and data deletion after expiry of the retention periods.

The windream solution for contract management

With windream contract management, users in the legal department receive a powerful tool that completely relieves them of annoying and time-consuming tasks. This starts with the entry of new contracts and ends with the automatic sending of reminder e-mails so that no deadlines are missed.

The windream solution for contract management was specifically developed to relieve users of as many activities as possible, which were previously absolutely necessary for a conventional administration in paper and file form. This results in such a high added value that the investment in a digital solution "made by windream" pays for itself in a very short time.

Already when capturing new contract documents, users can decide whether they want to automatically insert the documents into an existing file or folder structure or whether they prefer a manually generated filing structure. Whatever a user decises: The time-consuming "sorting" of the contracts, for example alphabetically according to the names of the contractual partners or according to internal or external contract numbers, is completely eliminated.

However, electronic filing leads to further serious advantages. No matter what criteria are used to sort contract documents: The functions of the windream ECM system ensure that all contract-relevant documents are always quickly retrieved.

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Your advantages

  • Fully digitized contract management
  • Automated or manual archiving of documents in windream
  • Deadline and date monitoring with e-mail notification
  • Automatic recalculation of periods and times for contract changes

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