Flexible contract management with windream

The digital solution for efficient management of any type of contract

With our contract management software, you retain full control and a complete overview of all contracts, contract-relevant documents and processes in your company at all stages. All stored documents are securely protected against data loss. We have had this confirmed in a legal opinion from an independent law firm. Furthermore, the sophisticated and at the same time flexible windream rights concept also provides the necessary security: your data can only be viewed and edited by authorized employees.

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The following advantages are offered by our contract management software

Icon - Vertragsmanagement Workflow
Review and approve contracts with workflows
Icon - Nie wieder Fristen verpassen
Never miss deadlines and dates again!
Icon - Individuelle Sichten auf Verträge
Individual views of contract documents
Icon - Vertragsmanagement mit Annotationsfunktion
Comment function for transparent collaboration
Icon Vertragsmanagement-Software - Verträge ad hoc bearbeiten
Edit contracts ad hoc
Icon - Schnelle Recherche von Verträgen
Fast indexing and research of contracts
Icon - Revisionssichere Archivierung von Verträgen
Audit-compliant archiving according to GoBD and HGB
Icon - Schutz von Verträgen vor unbefugten Zugriff
Protection against unauthorized access through sophisticated rights concept

How your employees benefit from contract management software

With windream Contract Management - the software solution for digital contract management - your employees will always be on the safe side. No matter what type of contracts your company is dealing with - windream Contract Management will support you in every imaginable "contract case".  When creating a contract, from the first draft to the ready-to-sign template, windream Contract Management covers all processes which are necessary. Besides the single documents which an electronically administered contract may contain, up to the possibility to comment contents on the basis of an integrated chat function, the windream Contract Management provides everything you need for your contract management.

Contract management - simply explained!

Our expert will briefly explain why it is worthwhile to use windream Contract Management.

Get to know the most important features and functions of our contract management software. Our expert will briefly explain why it is worthwhile to use windream Contract Management.

Learn more in our on-demand webcast

Learn more in our on-demand webcast "Contract Management with windream Dynamic Workspace". Our speaker Tim Mauschewski, Product Owner of windream GmbH, will show you how your contract management could look like with windream Contract Management and how an integration into windream Dynamic Workspace succeeds.

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Advantages of our contract management software in detail

As the user, you decide how the contract documents you want to manage are displayed on your screen. Individual views allow you to virtually display the contract and its database in a way that best suits your personal way of working. For example, contract documents can be displayed according to the names of the contract partners or according to contract types.

However, electronic contract management leads to further advantages. Because no matter which criteria you use to sort contract documents virtually: The functions of the windream document management system in connection with the windream Dynamic Workspace ensure that all contract-relevant documents can always be found again quickly.

As the contract management software is based on the windream document management system (DMS), all DMS-functions are available to you.

In the contract management, electronic documents are treated exactly like any other "normal" document. The only difference is that you as a user can immediately assign these documents to a specific contract, including the document-accompanying metadata or keywords or indexes. An electronic document is any information related to a contract. Regardless of whether it is the actual contract text or additional information that is important in the context of a contract.

For quick retrieval, use the easy-to-use search function integrated into the contract management software. Entering a single search term is sufficient to search for contracts specifically and find them without wasting time. A retrieval initiated by you will be oriented towards the index fields which keyword a contract. They are provided ready-to-use with the windream contract management.

Search & Find

In addition, you can specify during contract creation whether certain contract documents should be part of a framework contract, for example. This special constellation is also taken into account when searching for documents and when displaying the documents on your screen.

With windream Contract Management, you will no longer miss any deadlines, as the system will automatically show you, on demand, whether or which actions are due soon for certain contracts. The contract management software reminds you of timely contract modifications, extensions or intended terminations in any situation, e.g. as soon as the expiry date of a contract is approaching. Possible missed deadlines and the associated costs are now a thing of the past!

Of course, a resubmission function is also available. With this, you instruct the system to resubmit a contract to you for further processing on a specific date. In addition, you specify which employee should take certain actions in relation to a contract. For this purpose, you select the name of an authorized person from the corresponding list.

Of course, we have integrated a function into the windream Contract Management which allows you to open, edit and save your contracts again. A click on a contract is sufficient to open it with Microsoft Word.

Thereby, you can not only edit the contract contents themselves, but also the accompanying business communication which is not a direct part of a contract, i.e. documents accompanying the contract and also the history of the contracts.

With the history, your employees can track at any time how, for example, a contract came into existence and what changes it has experienced since a certain point in time. The audit-proof archiving of all contracts is also fully ensured with windream.

Audit-proof archiving

With the rights concept integrated in windream, you can ensure that only those employees are allowed to view contract files or to edit contracts which you have explicitly authorized. In the context of a file management in general and a contract file management in particular, this is an indispensable feature to protect your contract files permanently and securely against unauthorized access. And - last but not least - you also fulfill the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation in terms of the measures to be taken under data protection law if you also manage personal data in electronic files.

Prüfen und freigeben – kein Problem mit digitalen Workflows

Efficient contract management also includes digital process control, which can be used to check and approve contracts. An indispensable requirement, not only - but especially - in quality management, where a complete documentation of all processes is required.

And with our software system windream BPM, the Business Process Management system of windream GmbH, you can design your business processes - including the management of your files with the associated processes - completely with digital workflows. The execution of workflows in windream Contract Management is based on windream BPM. In general, the BPM-system is the ideal supplement to your windream DMS. And it even offers a fully integrated contract management.

If you also use windream BPM in the context of the Dynamic Workspace in addition to the windream document management system in your company as well, you will be able to control the complete process from the creation or capture of contracts via the verification of their contents up to the final release and signing via electronic workflows. Thus, you will have a technically mature, highly integrated system and an extremely powerful and high-performance overall solution.

windream BPM

Brochure: Contract Mangement

The digital software solution for efficient management of any type of contract

Learn more about our contract management software "windream Contract Management". Everything worth knowing at a glance.

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windream - the basis for modern contract management

The windream solution for modern contract management is based on the windream DMS on the one hand, and on the windream BPM system on the other hand. For you as a user or employee of your company, this means that, besides the pure contract management in windream, you will also have all other DMS-functions available which a state-of-the-art document management system and a fully integrated BPM-system offers. From the creation or capture of a contract or information to audit-proof archiving - without any restrictions. And the fact that reliable support is available should the need arise is just as self-evident as the clear and complete documentation that we make available to your employees with each of our software products.

Contract Management Software - windream GmbH

Cutting-edge, digital and time-efficient

The windream solution for contract management has been specifically developed to free you as a user from as many activities as possible which have been mandatory in conventional administration in paper and file form so far. This results in such a high added value that the investment in a digital solution "made by windream" pays off after a very short time.

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A modern software solution for windream Dynamic Workspace

Our contract management software can be completely integrated into the new windream Dynamic Workspace as an application. Thus, we offer you a product which is both powerful and state-of-the-art. As a user of the windream ECM-system and the new windream Dynamic Workspace, you will receive a powerful tool which will largely relieve you from tedious and time-consuming tasks. This already starts with the creation of new contracts and ends with reminders, so that you will not miss any deadlines from now on.

DMS software - much more than pure document management

Just as contract management works on the basis of the windream DMS and on the basis of windream BPM, the reverse is also true: DMS-software is much more than just pure document management nowadays. Besides electronic contract management, there is also digital file management which is technologically based on the same principles, but which is not restricted to a certain type of file. A large number of other software solutions follows. For example, the software solution for invoice processing or a software for the management of digital construction files.

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