Digitizing and forwarding Incoming Mail

Mail processing with windream BPM - Excerpt from the user report of Weisenburger Bau GmbH, Karlsruhe:

"In general, the topic of "mail" obviously plays a major role at Weisenburger. The mail processing workflow has also been automated and is carried out electronically. The responsible employees in the mailroom use the windream BPM software for this purpose.

The abbreviation BPM stands for "Business Process Management" and means the modeling, realization and handling of business-relevant processes on an electronic level. In this context, the efficient management of incoming mail is a classic use case for BPM in companies.

Incoming mail is first digitized by the responsible employees of the mailroom and then automatically sent to the employees of the responsible departments via the electronic windream BPM system. This is where the actual processing of the mail takes place.“

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Put it on the scanner!

Are you still copying or already scanning? The modern post office today works purely digitally. Incoming letters are first converted into a digital format such as PDF using a scanner. This is where our specialized solutions come into play, with which you automatically forward the digitized mail to the responsible departments for processing - without having to run there with a copy on paper. After processing, the documents automatically end up in the audit-proof windream long-term archive. From the first to the last step - completely digital and without loss of time!

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