Linking ECM and BPM systems with other applications

Automated interaction between different software systems

Integration, i.e. the connection or linking of software solutions, can be a difficult undertaking, depending on the existing infrastructure and the applications used in the company. Especially when the functional requirements of the applications to be integrated are so different that a meaningful and efficient integration can only be realized with high programming effort. How can these hurdles be overcome?

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Compatible with all use cases

With windream, users get an open system. In this context, "open" means that windream provides developers with interfaces that can be "tapped" to connect windream with other applications. Since windream works on the basis of the Virtual File System (VFS) technology, third-party applications can access the contents of the windream drive without any restrictions and use the data contained therein for their own purposes.

The same applies to windream itself, because the system can also receive data from third-party products and use them for indexing documents, for example.
In addition, we at windream GmbH have decades of experience in the field of integrating third-party software. Precisely for this reason, windream has open interfaces as a standard feature, which enable a fast and seamless integration. This even extends to the option that a user no longer perceives windream as an application because the ECM system runs completely "remotely" in the background of a workstation environment and is only addressed by a specialized application.

Many windream customers, including large companies, appreciate this option and have already successfully implemented such an integration years ago. They confirm that the effort for the implementation of an integration with the windream ECM system is considerably lower compared to other systems.

" The seamless integration into FibuNet was certainly one of the decisive criteria. In addition, we also wanted to invest in a system that would allow us to effectively manage documents without a lot of training effort."

Due to the integration of the DMS functions into the Windows Explorer, our accounting staff could immediately start working with windream without having to familiarize themselves with a new program interface.

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