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Anyone who wants to access their company's document inventory from home needs not only the technical infrastructure that connects the home PC workstation with the company office, but also other tools. They enable users in the home office to manage their documents in the same way as they do at their desk in the company.

Successful document management in the home office with windream

With windream solutions for the home office, users have a range of tools and software components at their disposal which allow a smooth interaction between the home office and the company. Here is a short description of our most important products "Made for Homeoffice".

Online conferences, telephone calls, chats - in short, the entire collaboration is also possible from the home office with suitable tools. In this context, Microsoft Teams is probably the most frequently used system for online conferences and chats. Therefore, it is also an indispensable tool for work in the home office.

However, the information created during the communication in the form of documents and chat contributions or pictures has to be archived accordingly in order to be able to retrieve them at a later point in time.

With the windream integration into MS Teams, we have developed a powerful software which is unique on the market so far and which allows users to archive their information stored in Teams on their own premises on a storage system which is completely independent from Teams and the Microsoft Cloud. This provides you with maximum protection against data loss. Simply use our windream ECM-system and - optionally - the windream high-performance archive for an audit-proof backup of your information.

With the windream connection to Microsoft Teams, you will receive a unique software tool which ideally combines the communication channels and entertainment functions of Teams with the archive and document management functions of the windream ECM-system. In connection with Microsoft Teams, windream is the central repository for documents and information which users exchange with each other via Teams.

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windream Dynamic Workspace represents a completely new, future- and user-oriented ECM-suite, which is also ideally suited for use in the home office.

Information, documents & processes everywhere & at any time

The system prioritises the "mobile first" idea in that it can be used on a wide variety of end devices, including tablets and smartphones. This means that any end device can of course also be used in the home office to access and edit company-specific data. In keeping with the "user experience", the system can be operated intuitively and provides exactly those data and documents that are needed in the context of the current task.

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With windream BPM and the windream ECM-system, you will receive a completely integrated system of business process management and enterprise content management which operates on the highest technological level and which is very easy to use. Due to the possibility of exactly mapping and automating real business processes on the virtual level, windream BPM not only supports you in the time-efficient handling of daily recurring processes, but also increases your competitiveness considerably by saving time.

In this context, information dissemination is of decisive importance. With windream BPM, for example, you can inform all persons involved in a business process about the current status or the successful completion of a process at any time - even from your home office. windream BPM allows users to initiate and control business processes via the Internet, independent of their location.

Model and design business processes electronically

Digitally controlled workflows increasingly determine the everyday life of a company - for a good reason. With windream, you can realise automated business processes up to the control of complex processes in your company. You generate and design business processes in a target-oriented, efficient way and optimally tailored to your requirements.

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Features of the windream Dynamic Workspace

Learn more about the features of the windream Dynamic Workspace - the ultimate software platform for all documents, processes and applications.

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Your advantages

  • Seamless interaction between your home office and the IT-infrastructure of your company
  • Intuitive use of the windream ECM-system on your mobile device
  • Access to all business-relevant documents across time and locations
  • Secure archiving of all chat information with windream for Microsoft Teams
  • Control and tracking of business processes in your company with windream BPM

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