The paperless office

How to digitize your workplace

The work with paper files and notes in the company has had its day! From now on, you manage your documents and other information only in paperless form - digitally, quickly, reliably, safely and efficiently. The search for files, handwritten information and misplaced documents is finally over. By digitizing your information and data, you can significantly increase productivity while minimizing your workload. So: Create your paperless office simply by managing your documents digitally from now on. It's easier than you think.

Paperless office at home, at work or on the road

You want to go paperless? - Here's how!

It doesn't matter whether you work in your home office, in your company's office or alternately here and there - without paper, everything goes much faster than before. With a stable Internet connection for data exchange, an appropriate end device such as a notebook, PC or even smartphone, and the necessary additional equipment such as a headset, etc., you are already ideally equipped for the digital office. 

No matter whether meetings, information exchange, data transfer or mobile use - through digitalization you simply work much more effectively. In many cases, a smartphone with special apps is already enough to communicate only digitally from now on and become truly paperless. Whether in the company, at home or on the road.

This is why you should digitize your office

Paper? - No thanks!

The use of paper has many disadvantages, but no advantages. And the disadvantages are manifold: environmental pollution due to production, constantly rising costs for paper production and scarcity of raw materials are just a few arguments against paper. Add to that the time it takes to make copies of your documents and to file and search for them. Not to mention the horror of losing important documents.
In a digital office, you make copies with a simple click of the mouse and archive your information redundantly on safe archiving media. And last but not least, the argument that digital documents require significantly less space for storage is also a "killer criterion" in favor of digitization.

Digitize the office - benefit from advantages

Papierloses Büro ermöglicht weltweiten Zugriff auf Dokumente
Worldwide access to documents

Time and location-independent access to all documents of the company

Hot Feature Icon - Datenbank
Save storage space

Digital storage of all data;
No more stacks of paper files to store.

Hot Feature Icon - Business Time
Save time

File, search and retrieve documents quickly

Hot Feature Icon -  Workflow
Accelerate work processes

Through digitally optimized workflows

Datensicherheit im papierlosen Büro
Data security

Through audit-proof archiving


Hot Feature Icon - Wallet
Lower costs

Through less paper consumption, higher productivity

Hot Feature Icon - Home Office
Mobile working and meetings

Digital office always with you + Archiving of documents from e.g. MS Teams

Papierloses Büro Rechtssicherheit
Legally compliant

Adherence to compliance requirements according to GoBD, EU-GDPR

Advantages of a paperless office

Without paper? With pleasure!

Just as the disadvantages of paper-based work are obvious, the advantages of paperless information management are clear. These include a whole range of factors. The most important: space savings, time savings in document research, accelerated work processes through electronic workflows, lower costs, data security through audit-proof archiving, mobile working without a fixed workstation (even in teams), as well as sustainability and environmental protection. And of course, all of this works in compliance with the legal requirements, which are defined, for example, in the GoBD or also in the EU-GDPR.

Paperless Office - windream GmbH

The dream of a paperless office is more real than you think!

With our software products for process modeling and document management, you can design, start, control and successfully finalize all business processes without files and paper.
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How to digitize your office the right way

Document management software as the basis of the paperless office

Besides the required hardware, the basis for a digital office in a company is, of course, also the use of a suitable software. In this context, a document management and archive system like windream is the best solution. A document management system (DMS) and archive as the "leading" software solution within an IT-infrastructure then forms the basic equipment, so to speak, around which you install further software solutions. It is important that these additional solutions integrate seamlessly into your DMS or cooperate with it. These can be programs for very different purposes.
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Everything is possible, completely without paper!

Digitize documents

Scan paper documents

Basically, you can digitize everything in the company that can be transformed into electronic form, from photographic images of various subjects and objects to scanning historical documents via workstation or high-performance scanners. Suitable scanning software helps to initiate subsequent processes.
How to digitze your document

Reproduce files digitally

Using digital files, you digitally replicate your existing file archive with paper-based content in a 1:1 relationship. The electronic folder structures then correspond to the structure of your former file cabinet. This works perfectly with our solution for generating and managing digital files.
How to manage your digital files

Design and optimize paperless workflows

Continue to link digital documents that have been stored in the document management system to your business processes in the form of electronic workflows. This ensures that documents are always linked to firmly defined, digital processes and always find the right path through your company. From generation to release and final storage in the digital archive. 
How to manage workflows

"Paperless" meetings

Also use suitable software solutions for communication between workgroups and departments of your company. With our software solution for integration into Microsoft Teams, you can archive all chats (except purely private ones) and their progress automatically in the windream DMS and retrieve them at any later point in time. Thus, no information which has been communicated with MS Teams will be lost anymore.
DMS integration in MS Teams

Digital on the way with the windream Dynamic Workspace App

The paperless office allows mobile working

Use our windream Dynamic Workspace on your smartphone to make yourself independent of space and time. The Dynamic Workspace has been developed especially to allow DMS, digital archiving, access to all data and the integration of further software solutions in mobile use. Everything under one mobile roof, so to speak. This means you always have your digital office with you, no matter where you are - and it's all completely paperless!

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Eight steps to the paperless office

Analyze the current situation in your company ("as-is" state) and determine which digitization goals should be achieved. 

Check the technical requirements with regard to your hardware and software.

Make a decision about where your data and applications should be operated. It is possible to store data in-house (on premise), in a cloud or also as a managed service in the cloud. In this case, in addition to the generated data, the software is also operated in the cloud. Hybrid forms are also possible. Note that in any case, audit-proof archiving must be fulfilled in accordance with legal requirements. 

Choose an enterprise content management (ECM) or document management system that archives your documents in a legally compliant manner and either install it in your company's IT infrastructure or hand it over to a cloud environment.
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Define the filing structures for your documents. It makes sense to take the structure of your existing archive of paper documents and map it in digital form.

Digitize existing paper documents in your company via scanner and archive the documents in your ECM system or DMS.
How to digitize documents

Analyze the possibility of integrating further software solutions, e.g. the integration of a business process management system like windream BPM. This way, you can also digitalize your company's business processes and connect the processes with the documents. Thus, it is then possible, for example, to guide documents through the company in a targeted way, from their creation via a possibly required release to the digital signature and the subsequent long-term archiving. 
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Integrate other solutions that work perfectly with the DMS. These include software systems for incoming mail, a solution for e-mail archiving, and even integrations with SAP systems. Highly specialized software products, such as for personnel file management, construction file management or digital invoice processing, contribute to making your digital office truly paperless "step by step".

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