Digitalization in the construction industry

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Digitalization arrived long ago in the construction industry as well. Many production and business processes are already being handled with the help of specialized software. Speed up your business processes through digital document management and save time for the essentials!

Everything under control - anytime and anywhere

With a purely electronic management of your documents, you will be able to work much more effectively in the future than before. This will give you an enormous competitive advantage over companies that still take their files out of the basement. You simply have more time for activities that are really important to you.

Our software supports you in every phase of your construction projects - from planning to implementation. Contact our ECM experts and let them advise you without obligation.

Optimize your construction projects

  • Digital construction file management
  • Fast availability of all processes for your construction projects
  • CAD files available on all devices
  • Simple control of complex business processes
  • Speed up processes through workflow automation

Individual software solutions with windream

Digital construction file management for your company

Whether individual projects and trades, defect records, information from suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, correspondence, contracts, invoices or the construction diary - in future you will find all documents in your digital construction file.

Digitalization in the construction industry - windream GmbH

Digital construction file management

Even when you are on the road, you can access the complete construction site documentation directly via a tablet or smartphone. In this way, all parties involved work with the identical data stock. By sharing the digital construction file, you ensure that in case of illness or vacation, the project's relevant data and documents are available to your co-workers. In compliance with legal requirements.

Safe and secure handling of sensitive project data

In the digital windream construction file, all documents and information are securely stored and subject to access controls based on user roles or properties of individual users and a tracking of all changes.  You determine which users may read, edit and create which documents. The stored sensitive data is protected against unwanted external access with extensive protection options.

ECM system solutions for the construction industry

Industry-specific adjustment of the windream ECM-system

  • Construction files with "contact-based" keywording
  • Automatic e-mail archiving
  • Mail processing via electronically managed business processes

To success storie

"The adaptation process was pleasantly short for our colleagues, which is not least due to the intuitive usability of the windream system. "

Volker KunzeHead of Organization & IT, Bauverein der Elbgemeinden, Hamburg
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