Digitalization in the construction industry

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Digitalization arrived long ago in the construction industry as well. Many production and business processes are already being handled with the help of specialized software. Speed up your business processes through digital document management and save time for the essentials!

Our software supports you in every phase of your construction projects - from planning to implementation. Contact our ECM experts and let them advise you without obligation.

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Why digitization in the construction sector?

Construction projects are generally complex and, above all, organizationally challenging undertakings. In this context, digitalization offers solutions that are effective from the planning to the implementation of your projects. 

One suitable example is 3D technologies and 3D printing, which are revolutionizing both the design and planning phases of new construction projects and their execution. Robotics and AI-driven control mechanisms are also helping to increase safety on construction sites.
However, it is only through the optimization of internal business processes that digital transformation becomes a well-rounded process. After all, there is unimagined potential here to speed up processes, save time, reduce costs, make work easier and increase efficiency. How can this be done, you ask? The answer is digital document management and process automation.

Optimize your construction projects

  • Digital construction file management
  • Fast availability of all processes for your construction projects
  • CAD files available on all devices
  • Simple control of complex business processes
  • Speed up processes through workflow automation

Digital document management for the construction industry

An enterprise content management system (ECM) with an integrated document management system (DMS) helps you to centrally manage and securely archive your project-relevant documents. The result: you have all the information you need about your construction project at your fingertips anytime and anywhere - whether on your desktop PC in the office or your smartphone or tablet on site at the construction site. Instead of paper chaos and full filing cabinets, you benefit from the digital construction file, which enables greater transparency, quick access to the documents you need and a noticeable overall increase in efficiency.

Digitalization in the construction industry - windream GmbH

Everything under control - anytime and anywhere

With a purely electronic management of your documents, you will be able to work much more effectively in the future than before. This will give you an enormous competitive advantage over companies that still take their files out of the basement. You simply have more time for activities that are really important to you.

"The adaptation process was pleasantly short for our colleagues, which is not least due to the intuitive usability of the windream system. "

Volker KunzeHead of Organization & IT, Bauverein der Elbgemeinden, Hamburg

Accelerated processes through workflow automation

However, digital document management is no longer just used for the general administration of heterogeneous information. Electronic workflows are increasingly determining everyday business life - and for good reason.

Digital workflows make it possible to easily and conveniently generate a digital image of your business processes and carry out the processes completely automatically according to fixed rules. Think, for example, of an automated process for invoice approval and a travel expense claim.

Wherever traditional forms are used or where cross-departmental and prompt communication is required, you can speed up processes considerably.

What is the digital construction file?

The digital construction file contains all documents relating to the planning and realization of your construction project. It is therefore the most important document of the entire company. Learn all about the possibilities and advantages of the windream digital construction file.

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Further software solutions for digitalization in the construction industry

In the context of digital document management, there are numerous other areas in the construction industry where an ECM system can provide support. Typical fields of application are digital contract management, e-mail archiving and solutions for mobile working. Our windream experts will be pleased to advise you on the various possibilities of digitalization in the construction industry.

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