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Modern, digital invoice processing plays a central role in the everyday life of companies - regardless of their individual size. It enables incoming invoices to be processed with precisely defined business processes, with significantly faster throughput times and with automated and secure storage in the electronic archive - including fast retrieval and smooth data exchange with financial accounting. Digitization saves an enormous amount of time and nerves, because processing is now no longer carried out manually - as it was previously - but is largely automated in digital form via workflow.

Efficient invoice processing with digital workflows

Whereas in the past incoming invoices were received as paper invoices by mail, copied, stamped and forwarded as copies to the departments involved, today modern software-based IT solutions take over these processes.  With our software solutions for invoice processing, you handle the entire process completely digitally, from the incoming invoice to the posting. As a result, your company's employees can manage invoices much faster than before, as the traditional copying, forwarding, checking, signing off and posting on paper now takes place entirely on the basis of electronic processes.

Basis supporting the electronic processing of incoming invoices

The basis of digital incoming invoice processing is always that an incoming invoice is scanned immediately after it is received in the mailroom, if it was received as a paper invoice in your company. After scanning, the documents - invoices are just as much documents as any other form of business correspondence or written information - are only processed digitally. The same also applies, of course, if you already receive an incoming invoice in electronic form, for example as a PDF file by e-mail. Then, of course, the process of scanning is omitted.
Digitize incoming invoices

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The fully automated processing of incoming invoices

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Digital processes of invoice processing

Our solutions for digital invoice processing already provide preconfigured workflows which you and your company's employees can use immediately. The workflows are designed in such a way that they take into account all invoice processing processes which have to be run through from the moment of digitisation via scanner, including immediate audit-proof archiving in the windream archive.

This starts with the capture of an electronic invoice, through forwarding it to the relevant departments in your company, checking it and finally booking the invoices after the approval process. The system also allows backtracking within the process, so that your employees who process invoices can make queries to other departments involved in the processing procedure.

Support of standardized invoice platforms - ZUGFeRD and XRechnung

The invoice platforms ZUGFeRD and XRechnung are now established as standards for specific use cases in the market. In this context, ZUGFeRD represents a standardized format for the exchange of data from electronic invoices and is not limited to specific industries. XRechnung is the German modification of the eInvoicing for German public authorities. It was primarily designed for the exchange of invoices and data with public-sector customers in Germany and is - technically speaking - based on the XML data format.

The windream software solutions for digital invoice processing support both processing standards, ZUGFeRD and XRechnung.  For invoice processing according to the ZUGFeRD and XRechnung standards, we offer special versions of our software solutions for incoming invoice processing, each of which is tailored to the requirements and special features of ZUGFeRD and XRechnung.

For the users, the solution is very user-friendly - I no longer hear complaints from the specialist departments.

Lars NiederstebergIT Application Manager & Project Manager, Insta GmbH

The professional software for digital invoice workflow

windream Invoice Management Pro

The Pro version of windream Invoice Management is even more strongly designed to serve the typical requirements of companies in invoice processing - and without lengthy adjustments before the product is put into operation. 
How does this work? windream Invoice Management Pro is based on a best-practice approach, which already covers many typical user scenarios. Manual configurations are thus reduced to a minimum. 

Of course, individual adjustments are still possible, if required. At the same time, the Pro version comes up trumps with an extensive range of configuration options, which allows us to change the workflow for you before the software goes live. Fine-tuning your invoice management software according to your company's requirements is therefore even easier and more reliable.

In addition, there are further features like improved search functions, more information-rich form contents, various validation functions for minimizing errors, and an account assignment table, which allows splitting invoice items already during the verification process.  
All in all, windream Invoice Management Pro thus offers the suitable invoice management solution for nearly every company. 
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Successful in use: invoice receipt workflow

  • Automation of the incoming invoice workflow in cooperation with the windream partner BCT.
  • The finance department scans the invoices, windream indexes them and transfers them to SAP.
  • User-friendly solution:
    Almost 100 Insta-employees access windream in the meantime and are enthusiastic.

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Audit-proof archiving of invoices

Hand in hand - document management systems (DMS) and invoice processing

Our DMS windream is completely integrated into Microsoft's Windows operating system. For many years already, we have been internationally known as a Microsoft partner. And our solutions for digital incoming invoice processing cooperate seamlessly with our document management system (DMS) resp. with our windream DMS software.

Why is this important? Quite simply, electronic incoming invoices not only have to be processed, but as business documents, they are an essential part of business communication. From a fiscal point of view, invoices have to be archived for a long period of time and have to be accessible even after a long time.

In concrete terms, this means: If the employees in your company save posted incoming invoices in the long-term archiving system of the windream DMS via an automated process, you will not lose any invoices later on. Special tools even allow you, for example, to index invoices to be archived automatically, so that you can retrieve them from the windream archiving system according to indexes like supplier names, invoice numbers and other criteria with the windream retrieval function, practically at the push of a button. Of course, this also applies to all other information or files and electronic documents stored in the archive. Of course, all documents in the windream archiving system are archived in an audit-proof manner at any time. And, of course, the windream archive fully complies with the requirements concerning the legal retention periods for business-relevant documents.

Digital invoice processing has the following advantages

Automatische Rechnungsverarbeitung mit digitalen Workflows
Automatic invoice processing with workflows
Revisionssichere Archivierung von Eingangsrechnungen mit windream
Audit-proof archiving according to GoBD and UStG
Unterstützung von XRechnung und ZUGFerD mit der digitalen Rechnungsverarbeitung mit windream
Standardized invoice platforms, e.g. ZUGFerD, XRechnung
Digitale Rechnungsverarbeitung und Prozessdokumentation mit windream
Transparent and documented processes (history)
Schnelle Recherche von Rechnungsdaten bei der digitalen Eingangsrechnungsverarbeitung
Quick search for invoice data
Vorteile der digitalen Rechnungsverarbeitung - Schneller ROI
Quick return on investment
Kürzere Durchlaufzeiten beim Prozess der Eingangsrechnungverarbeitung
Shorter lead times
Digitale Rechnungsverarbeitung von windream passt sich Ihren Anforderungen an
Flexibly adaptable to individual requirements
Digital invoice processing - windream GmbH

Digital invoice processing - The efficient processing of incoming invoices

With our intelligent software, recurring work processes involving invoices can be conveniently automated. The result: enormous time savings and significant optimization of all business processes. Due to an automated classification and the resulting automatic indexing of invoices, employees can immediately process any invoice data which has been classified with windream Invoice Management without any loss of time. 

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