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That's why ECM solutions for mobile use are more in demand than ever before. True to the motto "Mobile first", with our software tools for mobile work you are ideally equipped for your personal workplace of the future!

With our mobile applications you have a clear advantage when it comes to the availability of your documents or the participation in business processes while you are not in the office but on the road. Regardless of the operating system of your mobile device, you can synchronize your data with a stationary windream server and access the documents you currently need.

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Location-independent access

Salespeople, customer service representatives, and everyone who travels a lot on business need access to their company's information pool, no matter where they are in the world. We have developed very special ECM solutions for these people, from synchronization tools via mobile apps for smartphones to Internet-based access to a windream server.

Data synchronization between a mobile device and a windream server

With the windream synchronization software, we offer an innovative solution that enables a completely rule-based data synchronization between two windream systems. In mobile use, the synchronization typically takes place between a notebook and a stationary windream server. The synchronization options, for example, allow users to keep the data of both windream systems always up to date. Documents can also be created or deleted on one or both windream systems. Furthermore, new document versions can be created or existing previous versions can be overwritten by the latest versions on one computer.

Accessing and editing documents via the Internet

Use the Internet as a platform for global access to information that is centrally located on a windream server. Authorized users can access documents from anywhere in the world and retrieve, edit, archive or store any information from the ECM system. All that is required is Internet access via a standard browser.

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Your advantages

  • Location-independent access to documents and processes
  • Data synchronization between a mobile terminal and a windream server
  • Accessing and editing documents via Internet connections
  • Convenient transport of even extensive document inventories
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