windream and Microsoft Teams - the office dream team

windream securely protects Microsoft Teams users from data loss

Microsoft Teams is one of the most used collaboration solutions and facilitates the location-independent cooperation of users - no matter whether from the office, the home office or on the road. You too may use the practical collaboration tool on a daily basis, as do many users around the world. But do you adequately protect the files and documents you share in teams?

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Collaboration in virtual space

In addition to video meetings and chats, collaboration in Microsoft Teams is characterised in particular by the exchange of important content. This includes files, documents, images and much more. On the one hand, Teams is increasingly competing with the undisputed number one means of communication in the office, email. On the other hand, the platform is becoming the linchpin of mutual exchange, which forms the core of any collaboration.
Nevertheless, the security issue in teams does not receive the same attention as, for example, e-mail communication in the company. This is a major problem, as data loss is also an immense risk here. 
So the crucial question that arises in this context is: How can the business-relevant communication channels such as teams and the content shared via them be efficiently protected against data loss?

windream and Microsoft Teams - an unbeatable team

Die angesagte Videokonferenz-Software mit ECM-Unterstützung
  • Access to all files and chats from official chat groups, both in teams as well as in windream
  • Maximum protection of your data via audit-proof archiving
  • Autarkic storage of your Teams data independent of the Microsoft Cloud with windream
  • Permanent synchronisation of documents, images and chat histories between windream and Teams
  • Optional integration of further solutions into Teams (e.g. a digital file management)
  • Trust us as your partner for Enterprise Content Management with more than thirty years of experience

Maximum protection for your valuable information

With the integration into MS Teams or the associated integration into Microsoft SharePoint, we have developed a powerful and exceptional software on the market. But why SharePoint when we are talking about MS Teams? SharePoint is a cloud-based service from Microsoft which acts as a repository for files and documents shared via MS Teams.
windream allows you as a user to archive your information stored in SharePoint on your own premises, too. And this on a storage system which is completely independent from Teams and the Microsoft Cloud. 
Thus, you are optimally protected against data loss. Simply use our windream ECM-system and the windream high-performance archive for an audit-proof backup.

windream becomes the hub for your personal information management

With the windream connection to Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, you as a user will receive a unique tool which ideally connects the communication and collaboration channels of Teams with the archive and document management functions of the windream ECM-system.

windream for Microsoft Teams - windream GmbH

windream Dynamic Workspace and MS Teams

Specific windream solutions based on our new windream Dynamic Workspace also allow you to integrate additional applications into teams - from a simple document search via automated process management with windream BPM, including the processing of incoming invoices, to comprehensive file management. This will, for example, provide you with a comprehensive view on all documents of a certain project - not only in windream, but also in teams.