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No matter what kind of documents you manage and no matter where you work and which device you use - with windream, you always have your digital workplace with you. Whether in the home office, on the road or in the office - there are no limits to the availability of your documents.

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Advantages of digital document management

future-proof, time-efficient, cost-saving

"Time is money!" - This sentence is more true today than ever before. Creating, managing, archiving and searching for documents - all of these processes can no longer be done adequately on paper in the age of digital transformation. Instead, modern and powerful IT solutions support you in performing all your "document jobs" in a purely electronic way. This is especially true in situations that require quick action. For example, in the case of customer inquiries. With an electronic system, you are on the safe side in every situation. And the fast retrieval of any information is just one of the strengths of a document management system (DMS).

Document management beyond borders

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Innovative windream ECM-system

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system  windream is THE solution if you are looking for a technologically leading and, at the same time, easy-to-use system with which you can handle all tasks concerning documents and business processes completely digitally. The latest windream version 7 with its "Dynamic Workspace" offers you an unprecedented freedom in managing your documents - easily, securely, efficiently and cost-efficiently.

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Why document management with windream?

There are numerous reasons which speak for  electronic document management. The integration of windream into the Microsoft operating system makes windream a superior document management system.

The technologies we use for the development of our windream ECM-system are patented. On the basis of the so-called Virtual File System (VFS), you can easily manage your documents via the Windows Explorer. The typical document management functions are all integrated into Windows resp. into the Explorer. So you work as usual without having to learn a new and unfamiliar work interface.

With our new windream Dynamic Workspace - a component of windream version 7 - and the mobile apps, you are no longer bound to your workplace in the office. You decide where and with which device you would like to work. On the basis of modern web technologies, you make yourself independent of place and time.

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In the context of compliance, you work with a system whose conformity with the current legal regulations on immutability in data archiving and retention is fully given. This is confirmed one hundred percent by an independent legal opinion. Compliance with legal regulations relating to tax and data protection, e.g. GoBD and EU-GDPR, applies both to the management of your documents and to archiving and data deletion after expiry of the retention periods.
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Four times in a row, windream has won the competition of the Würzburg "Business Application Research Center" (BARC) within the scope of two studies. These studies concerned an evaluation with regard to the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functions of our system, as well as an analysis of the ability to generate and administer electronic files. In both studies, windream achieved an outstanding result in all test disciplines.
Test winner E-File

windream offers you both a powerful  DMS and a safe and reliable long-term archive. In order to be able to archive in conformity with the law with windream, you do not need a separate archiving module. Both components - DMS and archiving functions - are already included in windream by default.
Audit-compliant archiving

windream has such a modular structure that nothing stands in the way of a customer-specific adaptation of our DMS. One of the reasons for this is our philosophy of open interfaces. They allow you to design your system individually according to your own requirements, to extend it or to expand it specifically by using further windream software solutions.

With numerous solutions for special requirements, we offer you a windream product world which is getting bigger and bigger. For example, you can integrate scanning solutions for the digitisation of existing paper documents as well as specialized solutions in the fields of ERP, SAP or imaging. In total, there are about 100 products available which we and our windream partners have developed for you.

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The windream ECM-software is considered to be the technologically leading solution for capturing, managing and archiving any kind of documents. Learn more about our products, solutions and integrations.

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20 years of experience - customized ECM for your company

  • Intuitive use
  • Fast implementation
  • Windows Explorer as user interface
  • Work in familiar environment
  • No extensive training
  • Modular and flexible
  • Legally compliant archiving according to GoBD and EU-GDPR
  • Mobile working
  • Worldwide access to information from any end device

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Successfully in use:

  • Implementing an electronic DMS
  • DMS integration into the existing Diamant financial accounting software
  • Extension of the windream ECM by e-mail archiving
  • Introduction of the electronic invoice ledger


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