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Fast and easy: digital invoice management with windream according to the new XRechnungen standard

XRechnung is the German modification of the eInvoicing for German public authorities. With windream XRechnung, we have created a new software solution for you which allows you to quickly evaluate and archive invoices according to the XRechnung standard for public authorities. No matter whether you create and send or receive XRechnungen - with the new windream solution XRechnung, you will always be on the safe side, if you need an efficient invoice management according to the current EU-regulations in the context of public authorities.

If you receive invoices according to the XRechnung standard, our windream XRechnung solution evaluates the received documents automatically and archives them in windream in an audit-proof - and therefore unchangeable - way.

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Fast validation and archiving

During the validation process, XRechnungen are first checked. The system analyzes whether the respective invoice is technically correct and whether it complies with the current standard of an XRechnung. The system then creates a detailed check report in HTML format.

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Contents of XRechnungen as indexes in windream

The information from the XRechnung or from the check reports can be used in windream for indexing the invoices, so that the documents can still be retrieved efficiently at a later point in time.


Key Facts

  • Quick verification of all XRechnungen
  • Secure storage in the windream archive
  • Efficient retrieval of archived invoices via automated index assignment in windream
  • Shortened lead times and faster processing
  • Technically faultless processing of all XRechnungen

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