Compliance requirements enable business benefits


Almost all companies consider the fulfilment of legal requirements to be an annoying duty, which requires bureaucratic effort and an infinite amount of time. But that doesn't have to be the case, because compliance with legal regulations can lead to significant competitive advantages - provided an appropriate system is in place.

Apart from avoiding possible fines, for example in the area of data protection, the implementation of compliance requirements can also achieve significant advantages in data security or in the permanent availability of information.

Meet compliance requirements - windream GmbH

Compliance requirements are constantly increasing

The windream ECM system not only supports users in fulfilling compliance requirements, but even goes beyond it by far exceeding the requirements with its possibilities.

In this context, digital transformation with windream also means realizing security, data availability, transparency, data protection and other legal aspects in such a way that users are optimally supported in all areas of legal regulations.

This ultimately leads to a significant increase in customer confidence in the manufacturer's products and thus to a trusting cooperation with the manufacturer.

Expert opinion confirms legal compliance

The legal conformity of our windream ECM software suite has been confirmed by an independent and recognized auditing authority. The legal opinion certifies that the windream system "fully complies with the legal requirements". Within the scope of his examination of the windream ECM system, the expert comes to the conclusion that windream meets the legal requirements according to GoBD not only when using unchangeable or once writable storage media. Compliance is guaranteed, above all, if changeable media are used.

windream is recognized as legally compliant in Switzerland as well as Austria and Germany.

The report certifies that the choice of storage media - changeable or not changeable - does not play a decisive role when windream is used. windream users get an enormous added value because they can freely decide which kind of media they want to use for archiving their documents.

The new legal opinion applies to Germany and Austria. Previously, however, we also commissioned a separate expert opinion for Switzerland. This expert opinion comes to the conclusion that windream also fully complies with the Swiss requirements of the so-called "Geschäftsbücherverordnung" ("GeBüV").

This gives windream a groundbreaking selling proposition that is unique on the market in this form and from which the customers and prospective customers planning the future use of an ECM system will profit directly.

windream supports data protection

With windream, customers and partners can successfully implement the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Our ECM system supports you in a variety of ways in not only implementing the EU data protection requirements, but also managing, supplementing and securely archiving the documents subject to data protection law at a later date. In addition, windream can efficiently map data protection-relevant business processes on an electronic level and adapt them to the requirements of the EU regulation.

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