Assuring and managing quality

Navigating quality management and - and quality assurance - relevant documents through the company

From the complete documentation of company processes to the administration of test protocols - this is how you can describe what is required in quality management and quality assurance. We have a highly specialized solution for this as well: the windream document control system.


QA and QM - windream GmbH

The windream document control system

The documents are geared precisely to the specific requirements of the departments; however different they may be. With this windream software, especially quality assurance and quality managers receive a powerful tool to meet the requirements of QA and QM elegantly, efficiently, purposefully and seamlessly.

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Successfully in use: windream document control system

The Swiss Niutec AG archives receipts with windream

  • Electronic implementation of a rights concept according to internal quality management specifications
  • Rule-based and automated document storage
  • Fast replacement of the existing file storage by an electronic archive
  • Integration of an efficient scanning solution into the windream ECM-system

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windream convinced us immediately because the system is very easy to understand. The system scales very well and also supports the wish of the Niutec employees to continuously optimize the processes. And we were able to start quickly!

Agi MosbergerConsultant, Niutec AG, Winterthur, Switzerland

Comfortable and efficient

The windream document control software enables users to "control" various document types such as quality management process instructions, user manuals, product information, test protocols and other documents of any type via workflows through the involved departments of a company.

In this context, the windream document control can be used to define exact paths before a document reaches a certain status, e.g. a release. The entire process is completely transparent for the user. For example, it is possible for the author or creator of a document to recognize the current status of his document at any time and to determine where and in what state the document is currently in the company.

The windream tool with its powerful capabilities proves to be an indispensable tool, especially for departments in companies that require a complete documentation of all processes in the context of document creation and processing - for example in quality management or quality assurance. Due to its customizability, the windream solution can be used in all conceivable business areas and will contribute to a significantly higher productivity.

Your advantages

  • Ideal software tool for QA and QM
  • Transparent view of the status of the documents to be "controlled"
  • Automated guidance of the documents by the enterprise on the basis of workflows
  • Complete logging of all document-related processes

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