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We are very pleased to present Mark T. Hofmann as a keynote speaker at windreamCON. Many know him as a criminologist and profiler, who is always "driven by the question of what drives others" in numerous, extremely exciting lectures.

Keynote Speaker: Mark T. Hofmann

Mark T. Hofmann is a crime & intelligence analyst ("profiler"), trained and government certified in the USA. A business psychologist by training, he specializes in profiling and has conducted scientific interviews with criminals, psychopaths and hackers to understand the inside perspective. He trained criminal & federal police officers in interrogation tactics and profiling at the age of 28. Today, he is considered one of the leading experts in his profession, an adjunct professor of behavioral & cyberpsychology, and an internationally requested guest speaker.

His clients include companies of all sizes, global players, criminal police, government agencies, banks and NGOs. Hofmann is known for numerous international TV and streaming productions and for his ARD program Crime Time.

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Profiling Hackers - The Psychology of Cybercrime

What motivates hackers? What are their latest manipulation techniques? How can we become a "human firewall'"? More than 90% of cyberattacks are due to human error. Humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity, - but something can be done about it.

Mark T. Hofmann has met and anonymously interviewed hackers, - including individuals whose deeds remain undiscovered to this day. Let one of the best-known profilers give you a rare insight into the psychology of cybercrime. Far from the technical aspects, he focuses on the human factor and takes you inside the mind of the perpetrator. He informs, inspires and shows how you can become a "human firewall".

We are looking forward to his ultimate exciting presentation, which will surely inspire all windreamCON participants.

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