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Still going down to the basement to get your files? If you have the impression that the piles of files on your desk are leaving you less and less room to work, you should take action. windream frees you from the paper chaos!

Whether incoming mail such as letters, fax messages, e-mails or important documents such as contracts, invoices, delivery notes, orders and enquiries - the windream ECM system does not care what kind of information you want to archive. windream is literally "industry-independent" and therefore individually applicable. This means, no matter which piles of paper pile up in your office and no matter how high these piles are - windream will make sure that the piles of paper disappear once and for all.

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More efficiency in the office

With a purely electronic document management system, you will work much more effectively in the future. This saves time and money and gives you an enormous competitive advantage over companies that still have to get their files out of the basement. It goes without saying that the central administration and archiving of documents fully complies with all legal requirements. This applies to the management of e-mails as well as to all other sensitive company data.

Scan and manage paper documents

Even documents that originally only existed on paper can easily and effectively be digitized by scanner with windream. The assignment of keywords - the so-called indexing - is even automated. Even information already available in electronic form from external applications, which like to store their files in "unusual formats", can be easily converted and managed with windream.

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Archive your documents, files and e-mails compliant with windream 7

With the windream archiving solutions, you are always on the safe side when it comes to the long-term archiving of your documents. Our solutions support state-of-the-art storage technologies and a wide variety of hardware concepts - so that your data is not lost.

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Your advantages

  • Significant time savings in document retrieval compared to paper-based archives
  • Unlimited document volume
  • Special product variants for small, medium-sized and large companies
  • Compliant archiving
  • Modular design with optional add-on products
  • Convenient digitization of paper-based documents


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