windreamCON 2023

"Be a Digital Champion - First Class Positioning with windream"

What you are reading here is the official motto of our 7th windreamCON! Matching our home match with the first division team VfL Bochum in the Vonovia Ruhrstadion, we will compete for the digital championship together with you. Always in a first-class position - on the pitch and with ECM!

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8 November | Vonovia Ruhrstadion in Bochum

windreamCON is our big event for the efficient management of company-relevant documents, information and business processes. With its wide range of information, it addresses participants from companies of all branches who want to make their office work more efficient by using useful tools and software solutions.

On-site participation - stadium

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7. windreamCON

The seventh edition of windreamCON will take place in the Vonovia Ruhrstadion in Bochum, and thus in the heart of the VFL Bochum. Not only for VFL fans, this is one of the most beautiful football stadiums in Germany. And for us from windream a clear home game with friends. We will be there in the comfortable Stadtwerke Bochum LOUNGE, only a few steps away from the main stand.

Showact and moderator for the windreamCON are fixed

We are pleased to announce this year's show act as well as the presenter of windreamCON 2023.

Hennes Bender: The German TV and comedy legend

On stage, stand-up pioneer Hennes Bender will entertain you with amusing stories and razor-sharp (mostly not entirely serious) observations. Together with companions such as Atze Schröder, the comedian is one of the longest-serving figures in German stand-up comedy. Many of you know Hennes Bender from his appearances in the legendary Quatsch Comedy Club as well as from countless other TV formats in which he has been a regular guest for over 20 years.

Michael Wurst: The VfL stadium announcer guides you through the event

We have engaged none other than the cult stadium announcer of VfL Bochum as the moderator: The Bochum veteran Michael Wurst will guide you through the windreamCON programme in an entertaining and relaxed manner.

The current agenda of windreamCON

Experience live exciting talks and keynotes!

We are pleased to present our preliminary agenda for windreamCON 23. Here, you can find out everything about this year's lecture programme: This year's thematic highlights include the new windream subscription packages, windream ECM in the Cloud as well as an outlook on our perspectives and plans as part of the dataglobal Group.

Large Stage

The event will start at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome on the large "Future-Ready ECM" stage.

The Agenda

The event will start at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome on the large "Future-Ready ECM" stage.

windream is part of the dataglobal Group and is looking forward to the common future. This merger opens up exciting new opportunities and perspectives for us, our customers and partners, which we would like to inform you about in this presentation. Dr. Christian Uhl, CEO of the dataglobal Group, and Ulrich Jansen, Head of Software Development and Innovation, will speak for you

We would like to inspire you for our common journey with windream and offer you an outlook on upcoming developments and innovative novelties in our solution portfolio. Also in the future, windream as part of the dataglobal Group will be a reliable partner who will support you in archiving and managing your electronic documents, including workflows. In this context, you can also learn more about our promising topic "ECM in the Cloud".

With the windream licence model, we are ushering in a new era at windream. Learn everything about the improved service offer and the further advantages of our compactly arranged service packages, which enable us to generate an even higher added value for our customers. You will get to know the new windream packages and understand how you will benefit from the change.

Document retrieval in record speed: The windream Live Search sets completely new standards when it comes to retrieving information from a windream system in real time, finding it and displaying it on the screen. Our speaker will show you how the Live Search works and how it will change your work with windream forever.

In this presentation, you will learn everything about our new windream BPM-solutions for demand requirements as well as for the digital
invoice management (Invoice Management Pro). In this context, our speaker will also discuss the new Smart Robots - a helpful feature which supports you in workflow modelling and which is integrated in both solutions.

windream can not only be operated on-prem, but also in the Microsoft Cloud. In this case, the feature Azure AD is available to you, which serves for the simple administration of your identities in the cloud. Our speaker will explain everything about the integration of Azure AD into windream and how you can optimally use this feature.

Room Legends

Qualified electronic signatures secure the EU-wide legal validity of signatures. With A-Trust's signature solution integrated in windream, efficient optimisation options for business processes result which save resources and offer security in application and audit.

With eleven eXpurgate, we are expanding our portfolio with a highly efficient e-mail security solution that is operated entirely in Germany. With a spam detection rate of 99.9%, you can reliably protect your company against spam, phishing and the like. Other unique selling points, such as the detection of almost 1 billion e-mails per day, ensure eXpurgate an exceptional position on the German market. Learn more in this exciting presentation by our sister company eleven.

Room Team

Digital processes often start with documents that arrive at the company. One Click Solutions is a well-known specialist in classifying incoming documents and extracting relevant information from documents of all kinds. Input management includes products and solutions for document capture, for incoming mail solutions and functions for automatic account assignment. The presentation reports on use cases and outlines scenarios.

Qualified electronic signatures secure the EU-wide legal validity of signatures. With A-Trust's signature solution integrated in windream, efficient optimisation options for business processes result which save resources and offer security in application and audit.

Staff shortages affect every consulting company and yet
and yet you are faced with the challenge of meeting turnover targets and maximising
maximise profits. 
Success can be planned!
We advise you on the basis of concrete application examples, how
how the versatile integration and communication solution Vemas.NET can help your
your existing team in the areas of administration, sales, project management and
sales, project management and invoicing. 
Rethinking is the key to success!

windreamCON 2023 | 8. November - windream GmbH

Exclusive pre-event on the eve of windreamCON 2023

We cordially invite you to our exclusive pre-event on the eve of windreamCON 2023. We will meet for a cosy come-together at the Vonovia Ruhrstadion with delicious Dönninghaus curry sausage (also vegan) and freshly tapped Fiege. Look forward to a lively exchange in a relaxed atmosphere, where we can get in the mood for windreamCON together. As a special highlight, an exclusive beer tasting by the traditional Bochum brewery Moritz Fiege awaits you. Be there and register your participation for the pre-event on 07.11.2023 now. (If you are interested, please select "on-site registration").

Schedule: Pre-Event

From 17:30 | Meeting in the Stadtwerke Bochum LOUNGE
18:30 | Stadium tour
19:30 | Currywurst buffet & "Moritz Fiege" beer tasting
Until 21:00 | Mutual exchange/networking

Stadium tour the evening before

We invite all windreamCON 2023 participants to an exclusive stadium tour through the Vonovia Ruhrstadion on the evening before the event (Tue, 07.11.). You can look forward to a variety of insights behind the scenes: You will go on a tour through the holy places of the stadium, from the offices to the catacombs to the team cabins of the VFL. A real experience in one of the most beautiful football stadiums in Germany! (If you are interested, please select "on-site registration").

On-site participation - stadium

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The following hotels still have free rooms at the time of windreamCON:

windreamCON 2021 - Event video

The sixth edition of windreamCON took place for the first time as a hybrid event via online livestream as well as with presence participants in the German Mining Museum. You can see for yourself that - and how - this balancing act was successful in the event video of windreamCON 2021.

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