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Microsoft is the world's leading manufacturer of standard software, services and solutions for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Security and reliability, innovation and integration, and openness and interoperability are at the heart of Microsoft product development.

The product range includes operating systems for PCs, mobile devices and networks as well as server software, productivity software for companies and private users, multimedia applications and developer tools. In addition to software for local installation, Microsoft offers a variety of solutions and services that users can access via the Internet.

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Microsoft - windream GmbH

windream integration into Microsoft technologies

Due to the deep integration of our windream ECM-system into the Microsoft Windows operating system, we guarantee an efficient administration of ECM-specific data and documents on a Windows basis. Additionally, we have been offering further software solutions which are directly based on Microsoft products for a long time. These include the integration into e-mail archiving solutions like Outlook and Exchange Server as well as specific windream ECM-integrations into Microsoft's ERP-systems. All solutions mentioned above have already been used by numerous windream customers for years.

windream's cooperation with Microsoft

windream Microsoft-Partner. Due to the integration of our windream VFS driver into Microsoft operating systems, we have maintained a close cooperation with Microsoft Germany for more than 10 years.

This close and long-standing cooperation is confirmed by Microsoft in regular intervals within the scope of a certification procedure. To maintain the partnership with Microsoft and to prove their competence in Microsoft technologies, the developers in our company take part in regular Microsoft training courses including the corresponding Microsoft certification exams. In this way, they demonstrate that they have the technical skills to design, develop and install Microsoft- or Windows-compatible products and integrate them into existing IT infrastructures. This applies to both on-premises and Azure Cloud deployments.

Microsoft requires recurring certification exams for this purpose, which apply within a so-called annual reprofiling period. This means that our qualified employees continually confirm their outstanding Microsoft expertise, so that you always receive excellent products for the Microsoft universe from us.

windream and Microsoft: A shared goal

The overall common goal of the partnership between Microsoft and us is to provide you, the customer, with more efficiency and to improve your business processes by integrating Microsoft-compatible windream products. This goal has also been explicitly formulated by Microsoft for the partners.

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