And what about good new year' s resolutions for 2022?

As you know, digitization is still on everyone's lips in the new year. A good resolution for 2022 could therefore be to make digitization a top priority in your company. So get to work! We have a few interesting suggestions.

Dokumentenmanagement Mobile App

DMS software for all requirements

Create more time for what's really important by making your work life easier and much more efficient through digitization than it was last year. Use your energy specifically to achieve the goals you have set for 2022 - and no longer for paperwork, as before.

Every beginning is NOT hard!

Just start an ECM-project which, from your point of view, is manageable and easy to implement. Or use our ECM-system windream and the new windream Dynamic Workspace in only one department of your company at first, in order to continue the project step by step and without hectic in other areas. We will be glad to assist you and support you during the first steps.

Document management limitlessly simple

  • Intuitive operation
  • Fast implementation
  • Windows Explorer as user interface
  • Work in familiar environment
  • Modular and flexible
  • Legally compliant archiving according to GoBD and EU-DSGVO
  • Mobile working
  • Worldwide access to information from any end device

Your digital workplace always available

A good impression of how a first "kick-off project" typically proceeds can be gained from our user reports on the windream homepage. Numerous windream customers report about their DMS, ECM and BPM projects. You, too, can benefit from the advantages of an electronic document and process management which our customers have appreciated for years and which they do not want to miss anymore.

Read the windream success stories

On one point - we can reveal at this point - everyone agrees: piles of files, paperwork and the search for information on paper are a matter of the past. Your employees in their home offices will surely appreciate this, too. And with our windream Dynamic Workspace, you are completely independent of space and time - in all branches, in all departments and in all situations of your daily work.

Discover the possibilities of windream Dynamic Workspace

Simply optimize your workflows

(Working) life does not only consist of documents - but also of processes. Those who connect both digitally via windream will experience a previously unimagined symbiosis. With windream BPM - BPM stands for Business Process Management - you will put your entire company on a future-proof footing, as electronic workflows will control your business processes much faster than before. And the best thing is: Due to the connection between electronic business process modelling with windream BPM and the windream ECM-system as a central document and data repository, you are able to manage workflows and process-related documents simultaneously. A real advantage compared to other systems which do not support this integrative approach!

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