"Happy Easter!" - or: "Why the bunny brings the egg".

There is great anticipation every year for the upcoming Easter festival. And rightly so: there is plenty of feasting, sweets are snacked on and of course the Easter bunny comes along and hides the colourfully painted eggs in the garden. Those who are not enthusiastic about this custom at least get a delicious chocolate bunny as a present and/or distribute the little calorie bombs themselves among their loved ones or in the office. But do we actually know why the bunny and the egg stand for Easter? Where does this strange custom of the Easter egg hunt, which seems so natural to us, come from?

windream wishes Happy Easter 2023

windream wishes you a Happy Easter

The origin of the Easter egg

... is unfortunately not so easy to trace. But there are some plausible explanations. Already in ancient Egypt, the egg was regarded as a symbol for the origin of life and for the resurrection. There could be a connection to the beginning of spring, as Easter traditionally falls in this period. Spring also stands for a kind of new beginning and awakens feelings of new beginnings and renewal in us. 

In Germany, the custom of colouring eggs dates back to the 13th century. Since the church forbade their consumption during the Lent, the eggs were boiled to prolong their shelf life. Then they were coloured to distinguish them from the uncooked eggs. Pretty clever, isn't it? 

And why do people hide Easter eggs today? It is assumed that this tradition goes back to the pagan spring festival "Ostara", when people gave each other eggs. Of course, this too was quickly banned by the Church. In order to avoid this decree unnoticed, people hid their eggs in their neighbours' fields so that they would look for them there and in all probability find them.

And the Easter bunny?

The question of why the hare is considered the symbolic animal for Easter is also not clear. The fact is that the fluffy four-legged friend with the distinctive spoons won the race for the official Easter representative in the 19th century at the latest. The competition that existed until then, including the stork and the fox, was thus put in their place. 
And why does the rabbit now bring the eggs? It is said that the starved hares came to the villages and farms in the spring to look for food. It is said that people would often find eggs in the tall grass that the hares had stolen from the chicken coops and then hidden or dropped.

We wish you a happy Easter!

Unfortunately, we cannot say whether these traditions are 100% true. However, we hope that our little Easter greeting could already get you in the mood for the upcoming Easter days. 
In this spirit, we wish all employees, customers, partners and friends of our company a happy Easter and a wonderful, peaceful holiday with your loved ones! 

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