Version 7.0.10 of windream Dynamic Workspace released

Our product management has released version 7.0.10 of the windream Dynamic Workspace. Here is an overview of the new features.

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Configurable column sizes in lists

The list component now offers the possibility to specify the sizes of the deposited columns. The columns can now be automatically configured by fixed width or by their content.

Deactivation of control buttons

Control buttons can be disabled in version 7.0.10 both initially and at runtime. This feature is interesting, for example, in cases where control buttons are associated with lists to perform actions on files such as displaying the properties.

Images usable in control buttons

It is now possible to store not only text but also images in control buttons. Thus, it is possible to set whether and where the images should be displayed in the component.

Switching to a new preview

By default, version 7.0.10 uses a new preview, which can, of course, be reset to the older version in the windream Web Service. In the last version 7.0.9 of the windream Dynamic Workspace, the preview still had to be activated explicitly in the windream Web Service. This is no longer necessary in the current version, as the behavior has been reversed in version 7.0.10.

New version of scripts

The scripts used in windream Dynamic Workspace are now available in a version 2.0. In this version, scripts can have up to ten inputs and outputs. This feature allows, for example, to trigger the appropriate output due to different inputs, in order to be able to make yes-no decisions in a script, for example. To use this feature, version 2.0 must be assigned to the script. Existing scripts are automatically set to version 1.0 and can therefore be executed.

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