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In the March issue of FACTS, the renowned test and business magazine, an interview with our new Managing Director Stephan Serger was published.

Interview with Stephan Serger, CEO of windream GmbH, published in the FACTS

Interview with Stephan Serger, CEO windream GmbH, published in the business magazine FACTS

March 2023

At the beginning of the year, there is news at windream GmbH from Bochum, which is known for its ECM system of the same name in the DACH region. Stephan Serger is the new Managing Director and will take over the position from Roger David, who successfully managed the company for 20 years before. In the interview, Serger talks about his goals with windream, about reinforcements in the management team and about the merger with the dataglobal Group.

FACTS: Mr. Serger, you have been Managing Director of windream GmbH since 1 January 2023. What appeals to you about your new task?

Stephan Serger: The new task is exciting for me for two reasons. On the one hand, we will break new ground in order to continue to position windream for the future. On the other hand, we will stick to our strengths and unique selling propositions which have distinguished us in the industry for more than 20 years. As I have been working in consulting for windream for many years before, I know our products very well and can say: They are unique software solutions which offer the customer all possibilities he needs, and this across all industries.

Furthermore, I am looking forward to tackling the tasks together with our windream family. A well-rehearsed team which has grown together over the years, but which also warmly welcomes new employees into its close circle.

FACTS: Parallel to your taking office as managing director, the management team at windream was expanded. Can you tell us more about this?

Serger: The extended management team includes Tim Hillig as the new sales manager, who has already been working for windream for 17 years. He is joined by Hilmar Hänel, who was already team leader in partner management before and is now additionally team leader for Inside Sales. Patrick Plenz is also a long-time companion who supports us with his expertise as Head of Marketing. So all three are very experienced colleagues.

Malte Bielefeld also joins us as team leader in Consulting. He is relatively new to the windream team and brings a breath of fresh air and new ideas to middle management - supporting young, deserving employees is and remains an important concern for us.

FACTS: What goals have you set for yourself? Where do you want to focus?

Serger: We will focus even more on our customers than before. In concrete terms, this means that we want to establish shorter release cycles and increasingly pursue a low-code approach in our solutions. Users will be able to configure the product independently without having to have programming knowledge. In the course of the cooperation with dataglobal GmbH and eleven cyber security GmbH, we also want to strengthen and further expand our portfolio.

In the future, we will be able to accompany our customers in their digital transformation even more comprehensively than before, as our wealth of experience and our portfolio grow.

Stephan SergerCEO of windream GmbH
FACTS: You mention dataglobal and eleven. Last year, windream merged with these two companies to form the umbrella brand dataglobal Group. Do your long-standing customers and partners have to adjust to changes now?

Serger: No, the merger to the dataglobal Group will not have any effects on the software solutions of our customers and partners which are already in use. Our products will continue to exist and will be further developed as planned.

The idea behind the dataglobal Group is rather to use synergies in order to create an even more comprehensive offering around the Digital Workplace in the future. It was never the plan to discontinue individual products or services, but to strengthen the individual solutions among each other and, in addition, to bring new, innovative products to the market. The declared goal is to drive the development of migratable cloud services in order to be more present in this promising market. We want to help shape the future of our industry. The best way for us to do that is together as a group.  

FACTS: How do you see windream's positioning in the market?

Serger: Of course, we keep an eye on the competition and are convinced that we offer a strong and unique product. Since the early days, one of our unique selling points has been our Virtual File System (VFS), on which windream is based. We have continuously developed this USP further and today use the next, even faster generation called "VFS-X".

Another unique selling point is the integration of our software into the Microsoft operating system Windows, which still distinguishes us from the competition. This means: The user works in his familiar Windows environment while using windream. Both long-standing customers and companies which had little or no contact with ECM-systems before appreciate this feature of our product.  

With the windream Dynamic Workspace, there is also a real innovation in our portfolio. This is a web frontend for all ECM-tasks, which allows our customers to present their document management, their workflows and even third party applications under one single, flexible web interface. On the desktop, but especially also on any mobile device. We want to enable boundless mobility and take the step into the digital working world of tomorrow together with our customers.

Find the interview in the business magazine FACTS (in German language).

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