"The business world has become completely mobile"

3 Questions for Roger David, CEO windream GmbH, distributed with Die Welt - Analysis#66 Digitized SMEs on 10th March 2021

Interview with Roger David, CEO windream GmbH, in: Die Welt, March 10, 2021
Interview with Roger David, CEO windream GmbH, distributed: Die Welt, March 10, 2021

Mr. David, the Corona pandemic has given a strong boost to the previously slow pace of digitization in this country. How do you see the current situation?

Roger David: "Digital transformation is indeed a very hip topic right now. And that's not going to change anytime soon. But the crucial thing is that companies are prepared to question their processes and develop a strategy in which areas digital processes actually promise them greater efficiency."

What do users expect from modern software solutions for digital document management?

Roger David: "The world has changed a lot, and the business world has become completely mobile - which has been further accelerated by the pandemic. In addition, a young generation of users is coming up that has no understanding at all of technical barriers. These are our users of the future. Our answer to these trends and upheavals is the windream Dynamic Workspace."

What does that mean in concrete terms? What are the benefits for the users?

Roger David: "It's a cross-platform DMS solution that gives users a customizable interface for all their devices. With little effort, they can build any solution they want, customized to the tasks at hand, and integrate data from third-party applications to do so."

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