windream 7 innovates digital document management

Presentation of the world's first fully configurable Progressive Web App in the ECM field with graphical designer for the user interface

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Bochum. windream GmbH announces the immediate availability of version 7 of its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system of the same name. The central innovation of the new release is the windream Dynamic Workspace. For the first time, it integrates documents, information, processes and solutions under one interface, is cross-platform and can thus be used on different devices. Users will especially benefit from more efficient processes, configurable use cases with an intuitive user interface and a device-spanning use.

"With windream Dynamic Workspace, companies can for the first time create customer-specific or standardised solutions, such as file management, process management or search for information and documents, and adjust them anytime", says Roger David, managing director of windream GmbH, and explains: "In this context, windream Dynamic Workspace does not only retrieve relevant data from the windream ECM-system, but also associated information from other solutions, e.g. an ERP- or CRM-application. "With this cross-platform approach, windream 7 offers customers a flexible possibility to combine even complex solution scenarios in only one interface and to display them intuitively.

Low-coding for unlimited flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of windream Dynamic Workspace is that the functions and respective user interfaces are always task-related. This means that windream Dynamic Workspace only provides users with those functions which they need to complete a task, depending on the context. For this purpose, windream Dynamic Workspace includes a designer with which processes can be designed and adjusted according to the principle of low-code programming. For this purpose, windream Dynamic Workspace already contains more than 50 components which take over specific tasks in the context of digital document workflow control. Among other things, this includes the classic document administration including the powerful retrieval module, but also the presentation of file structures with different contents or workflows which are linked to the respective processes. This feature allows companies to provide business applications more quickly and allows windream Dynamic Workspace to be used in different branches and departments, e.g. in industry, in the service sector, in accounting, in human resources or in production.

Any time, any place, on any device

The topics "Mobility" and "cross-platform access" to all ECM-functions get a central meaning in the context of windream 7 and windream Dynamic Workspace. Users can use windream Dynamic Workspace as Progressive Web App (PWA) on a desktop PC, on a tablet or on their Smartphone. All devices offer a user experience which is comparable to a native app developed for the respective platform. Associated features and functions, such as offline functionality or responsive design, are therefore fully supported. Additionally, windream Dynamic Workspace for mobile devices is available as a native app for Android and iOS which can be downloaded from the respective store.

Latest technology still seamlessly integrated

windream Dynamic Workspace is based on most modern technology and supports all common operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS on the client side. And as the windream ECM serves as a basis, the native Windows functionalities will still be used for document management - a feature which windream is the only manufacturer on the ECM-market to offer.

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