Donation action: Friedensdorf International, Oberhausen

Within the scope of our donation campaign, windream employees hand over a donation to Friedensdorf International in Oberhausen.

Nuray Akin and Edwin Sembritzki visit the Friedensdorf International in Oberhausen

A very special Christmas promotion

At the end of 2019, we have decided to launch a very special Christmas campaign. We would like to support charitable organizations and institutions with which our employees have a personal connection by making a donation of 1,000 Euros each. Our employees visited the facilities and ceremonially handed over the donation cheque on behalf of our company.

The peace village in Oberhausen cares for children from war and crisis zones who have suffered serious injuries in their home country and cannot receive medical care there. The children remain in the peace village until they have fully recovered and are then returned to their homes. During their stay in the peace village they learn how to live in a peaceful world and can take these thoughts back home with them.

Our colleague Nuray Akin explains her proposal: "I support this organization also privately. I have been there personally before and have had a look at the facility. It was overwhelming how interested and full of joy and motivation the children reacted to our visit. I hope that I will be able to come back there again".

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