windreamCON 2021: Exclusive guided tour of the Bergbau-Museum

In the context of windreamCON, windream GmbH invites all on-site participants to an exclusive guided tour at the Mining Museum.

windreamCON Führung Bergbau Museum
Picture: Helena Grebe

Trip to the winding tower and visit to the underground exhibition mine

As incidences permit, we will be able to offer exclusive tours above as well as below ground to all attendees who are on site for the conference. What can you expect?

First, experience a trip up the historic winding tower high above the Bergbaumuseum with a breathtaking view of Bochum and the entire mining district. The historic and equally authentic tower, which was moved to Bochum from the former Germania colliery in Dortmund in 1973, is considered one of the tallest winding towers of its time. The view from the visitor platform high above Bochum is unique.

From the heights to the depths

The guided tours through the museum mine underground will be just as unique as they are exciting. Experience at first hand how mining with all its dangers and risks has developed historically. Various machines for mining coal are still so well preserved that they can be demonstrated to visitors in an authentic way during ongoing operations. Another highlight of the museum: experience in the rope-driving simulation how it felt in those days to sink at breakneck speed into the black depths to reach the coal seams - the "black gold" of the Ruhr region.

The exact time and the number of participants per tour will be announced in the agenda.

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