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It is hard to imagine today's business world without e-mails. Most of the communication in companies is done electronically. Keep an overview with our e-mail management solution windream Exchange and relieve your Exchange Server. windream supports you in archiving large e-mail volumes and mailboxes.

The powerful e-mail archiving with windream Exchange offers:

icon: E-Mail archiving with windream: Microsoft Outlook as user interface
Microsoft Outlook as user interface
icon: Direct access to e-mails in the windream DMS via Outlook
Direct access to e-mails in the windream DMS via Outlook
icon: Automatic and manual e-mail archiving
Automatic and manual e-mail archiving
icon: Rule-based e-mail archiving inc. journaling
Rule-based e-mail archiving incl. journaling
icon: E-Mail archiving with windream unloading of the e-mail server
Relief of the e-mail server
icon: Legally compliant e-mail archiving according to GoBD and HGB
Legally compliant according to GoBD and HGB
icon: Protection of e-mails from unauthorized access
Protection against unauthorized access
Convenient e-mail retrieval with windream software for e-mail archiving
Convenient e-mail search

E-Mail Archiving - Simply Explained!

Our expert explains in two minutes why it is worthwhile to use the windream software.

E-mail management is more than "just" archiving. Learn about the most important features and functions of our software for e-mail archiving and for managing the daily flood of e-mails in companies.

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Learn more in our on-demand webcast "windream Exchange - Outlook boosted with integration into windream". Our speaker will show you how to routinely manage your e-mails with windream Exchange and how to archive them in a simple and legally compliant way according to GoBD and HGB.

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At a glance - Advantages of electronic e-mail archiving with windream software

From pure mail archiving to complex mail management - this is how one could describe the process which companies carry out with windream products. Because real management means more than "just" archiving. The advantages at a glance:

The software archives both your messages and the associated attachments. The automated archiving of e-mails is based on definable rules which you create quickly and conveniently with the help of a rule editor. For automated archiving, you connect mailboxes or single folders of the Microsoft Exchange Server to selected target folders of the windream Server. Additionally, you can define whether archiving of messages should be carried out recursively, i.e. for all subfolders of an Exchange folder. With Microsoft Outlook on the client side, you can also archive mails manually by simply moving selected messages into the archive via mouse click.

windream Exchange Server supports the journal archiving function offered by Microsoft Exchange Server without any restrictions. In the context of this type of mail archiving, all incoming and outgoing e-mails which communicate via the MS Exchange Server are stored as a copy in a separate mailbox of the MS Exchange Server. While this function is executed by the MS Exchange Server, windream Exchange ensures that all e-mails from the journal mailbox are archived in windream in an audit-proof way.

Take the pressure off your employees and your mail server with our powerful email archiving software for your company. With full integration into Microsoft Outlook, you can manage all your email communication more easily than ever before. All employees in your company will benefit equally and regardless of which department in your company they work in. With our integrated Outlook extension, you even have direct access to the document and folder structures of your windream document management system under Microsoft 365, too.

Traditional letter mail has long been completely out! The electronic exchange of information, especially of a business nature, is increasingly being realized by e-mail. The speed of communication alone shows the decisive advantage of e-mail communication.  An e-mail archive grows with its tasks, so to speak, and it also relieves a mail server such as Microsoft Exchange immensely. This is because redundant mails, e.g. messages with identical contents sent to several persons, are only archived once in windream Exchange and NOT redundantly. This saves an enormous amount of storage space on the mail server and thus relieves it.

The revision security of the e-mail archive is one hundred percent as well as the legal conformity of the document storage in the windream document management system. This means that the legal requirements for storing business-relevant documents - which, of course, also include e-mails with business-related contents - are fulfilled one hundred percent. Especially the requirements for archiving business correspondence, as they are explicitly formulated in the German Commercial Code (HGB) or in the GoBD, are fulfilled in a legally secure way.
Meet compliance requirements

Mails archived in windream Exchange are displayed in Outlook in the same way as other mails. Archived messages can therefore be retrieved from the e-mail archive simply by a mouse click. Or you can use the search function in Outlook and the extensive retrieval options offered by the windream document management system.
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At the same time, the windream archive also serves as a backup storage for your mails, of course. The revision security of the windream Archive ensures that your messages are always archived according to legal requirements. With a backup, you are also protected against data loss at any time.

The access rights to the e-mails in windream and to the windream folders, in which the e-mails and attachments are saved, are controlled via the windream rights management. This ensures that the messages are only accessible for authorized users. Unauthorized access is excluded.

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E-Mail archiving - windream Exchange in figures
Mails per day

Successfully in use: windream Exchange

Individual and industry-specific software deployment:

  • Automated e-mail archiving with 500 mailboxes
  • Mail processing via electronically controlled business processes
  • Electronic file management

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