windream GmbH releases version 8 of its ECM-suite

Bochum. With version 8, windream GmbH presents the next generation of its enterprise content management suite of the same name. The release, which is available as of now, contains numerous new features, including Live Search, WebDAV technology, support for PostgreSQL as well as numerous optimizations in detail, which further facilitate the daily work for windream users. Furthermore, windream 8 scores with the integration of state-of-the-art technology regarding its performance. For example, the new VFS-X drive provides up to 30 times higher speed compared to the previous driver.

ECM-Suite windream 8

Enterprise Content Management Suite windream 8 - The new features

Live Search raises document retrieval to a new level

The Live Search integrated in windream 8 makes it easier for users to retrieve information from a windream system in real-time, to find it and to display it on the screen. The new application for the windream Dynamic Workspace is already able to identify refinements of the entered search term or even to suggest first search results while typing. Due to the complete integration into the windream Dynamic Workspace, the windream Live Search can be used immediately on any terminal device - thus, also on a smartphone.

Moreover, the Live Search allows refining the search results step by step by means of filters, also called "facets". This is done similar to an article search in an online store: Customers enter a search term there, the system displays the results and they refine them by means of facets by adding filters like manufacturer, price or color.

WebDAV as high-performance drive technology for the windream Dynamic Workspace

Furthermore, windream 8 integrates the WebDAV-technology which allows opening and editing documents in the MS-Office original applications. A windream installation on the workstation computer is not required for this. Furthermore, MS-Office documents can be opened and edited directly from the windream Dynamic Workspace with the help of this technology, without having to download them locally. Besides, the use of the WebDAV-technology ensures that windream 8 now fully supports the Information Lifecycle Management of SAP - SAP ILM for short.

VFS-X: The new windream drive fires the turbo

The Virtual File System (VFS), on whose technology windream has been based until now, will be replaced by the next generation, the so-called VFS-X, with windream 8. The "X" stands for "Extended" and illustrates the high performance of the new drive technology. "Depending on the system environment, we have achieved a maximum of 30 times the speed compared to our 'old' driver," says Uwe Honermann, Head of Development at windream GmbH.

Support for PostgreSQL as database system

With version 8, windream supports, not least for the first time, the free PostgreSQL database (from version 14). As an open source system, PostgreSQL is considered to be a real alternative to the systems of established providers which require a license. The performance is at least as good and - depending on the infrastructure - partly even better. With regard to the requirements of an ECM system, PostgreSQL is therefore also suitable for managing large document volumes.

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