Why is email archiving important for companies?

E-mail is the No. 1 communication medium in the modern business world, and not just since yesterday. Every day, an average of 26 e-mails are received in a professional mailbox in Germany. It is also a critical information resource that requires well thought-out e-mail management. However, this is precisely what poses challenges for companies.

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How do I archive and manage my e-mails, 

  • that I keep valuable information for me and my employees at hand at all times,
  • my inboxes are not overflowing and I also comply with all
  • and at the same time comply with all legal regulations regarding retention requirements and data protection?

The answer is a solution for efficient e-mail archiving that supports me in precisely these tasks.

Email management challenges

Even the most powerful email servers are not designed to store large volumes of data flowing uncontrollably into the company over the long term, nor to provide all the desired mails and attachments on demand. Without an e-mail archiving solution, this will result in technical, but also economic and legal problems for your company over time. In addition to overloading servers and IT staff, business activities will suffer if your employees cannot access the information they need quickly. The storage regulations for business-relevant e-mails are also no small matter, because: If there are violations here according to GoBD or DSGVO, this can have business-damaging effects.

Is email archiving mandatory?

Every company has the obligation to archive business emails. This results from German tax law, accounting and data protection requirements.

It is not enough to simply store e-mails in a digital archive: only with audit-proof archiving do you act in compliance with the law. You archive your e-mails in such a way that they are unchangeable and therefore tamper-proof. 

This is important, for example, for incoming and outgoing invoices, since both are now sent by e-mail in most companies. Invoices must generally be stored in their original, verifiable condition for a period of 10 years, even if they are available in digital form. Retention periods also apply to contracts and correspondence with customers and partners. Your company can only meet these requirements with an email archiving solution that guarantees audit compliance.

If you use an email archiving software solution in your company, you will benefit from many other advantages besides legal compliance, especially in terms of productivity, cost efficiency and data security. Here is an overview of the most important advantages:

Benefits of email archiving

  1. You relieve the load on your e-mail servers and reduce IT costs, e.g. by archiving redundant mails, i.e. messages with identical content to several people, only once (and thus not several times as before).    
  2. The software is configured at the outset so that archiving takes place automatically afterwards. This reduces the workload on your IT department, which no longer has to perform manual administration tasks, and on users, who no longer have to clean out and organize their mailboxes themselves.
  3. Audit-proof archiving sets the course for legal and tamper-proof archiving of your business-relevant e-mails. In this way, you comply with legally prescribed retention periods for certain documents and follow data protection regulations to protect your customers.
  4. In your day-to-day work, you and your colleagues benefit from the constant availability of all business-relevant e-mails and the information they contain with the help of the search function included in your e-mail archiving solution. This increases the productivity in your company, as no more working time has to be spent on mailbox organization and searching for lost e-mails and file attachments. 
  5. Moreover, an e-mail archiving solution like windream Exchange is fully compatible with all common e-mail systems, including Microsoft Outlook, of course. This feature makes a big contribution to user-friendliness, as you and your colleagues will continue to work in the familiar user interface of your e-mail system and do not have to get used to it.

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