windream 7 is ready to start soon

While the world outside stands still, the preparations for the release of windream 7 are in full swing. The last test phases have been completed, the wires to our product management are running hot. Almost every hour, we expect the announcement of a release date.

windream Dynamic Workspace

News about the Major Release of windream 7

The new name is windream Dynamic Workspace

But we can reveal one thing to you in advance: The top feature, which you still know under our project name "Genky", gets a new name. In windream 7, "Project Genky" will become the "Dynamic Workspace". With the windream Dynamic Workspace, windream 7 gets the perfect supplement for efficiently completing industry-specific tasks.

Why windream Dynamic Workspace?

The new name fits so well, because solution-oriented use cases as we can provide with the windream Dynamic Workspace are currently very popular in many companies. And together with windream 7, an extremely flexible and dynamic tool will be delivered which allows to display all relevant information for completing any task of an office or mobile worker. Therefore "Dynamic". And "Workspace", because windream 7 is able to summarise and prepare the complete working environment. Not only the "Workplace", but also everything which belongs to it. Therefore "windream Dynamic Workspace".

What's next?

As we are about to release the system, we are now looking forward to being able to give the starting signal for delivery shortly.
Be curious!


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