Büchi Glas Uster AG

“Customized Documentation“ supports technical writers of Swiss Büchi AG with the creation and management of facility documentations

Recording is rewarding – this is especially true if processes, practices, product developments, or even discussions and company decisions must be recorded in a way that allows them to be reproduced at any time. Büchi AG, a customer of the windream distributor Kinetic AG from Uster, Switzerland, has been following this tenet for some time.

Büchi AG in Uster, Switzerland, has been using the windream ECM system and the "LADZ" solution from the Swiss windream distributor Kinetic AG in Lenzburg since 2009. But now there is an update: Büchi has recently started using the next generation of the Kinetic solution "LADZ", which is now available as version 2.0.

Key facts:

  • Specialized tool for technicalwriters, ECM integration included
  • Reduction of time required for managing documentation
  • Compliant archiving of all data in windream
  • Integrated version control and document history
  • Automated execution of workflow steps such as archiving, PDF conversion, and document organization
  • Individual solution LADZ 2.0 for efficient documentation management
  • Automatic generation, sorting and PDF conversion
  • Increased productivity through automated information management
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