Insta GmbH: Breaking down the Line between Archive and ECM

With 250 million components processed per year, it‘s not surprising that electronics specialist Insta has an enormous need for documentation in development, production and also in sales. However, the question of a new electronic document management system presented itself to the Sauerlandbased company a bit like coming through the back door. „With a release change from our SAP system in 2014, we had to deal with
interfaces,“ recalls Lars Niedersteberg, IT applications manager and project manager at Insta. „That‘s how we ended up dealing with electronic archiving and, beyond that, complex ECM.“

Key facts:

  • Great comfort when storing and searching for documents in the windream drive
  • Automation of the incoming invoice workflow in cooperation with the windream partner BCT
  • Location-independence and future-proofness via windream Dynamic Workspace
  • Smooth migration of legacy documents via XML importer
  • Use of open interfaces between archive and SAP as well as other specialist applications
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