The new windream Invoice Management Pro

With the Pro version of windream Invoice Management, you will now receive a comprehensive solution package for efficient invoice processing. The new features will significantly simplify invoice management for you and your employees in the future.

Compared to the basic version, the focus is even stronger on the aim to serve the typical requirements of a variety of companies from the very beginning, and this without lengthy adjustments in the software. Thus, windream Invoice Management Pro offers the suitable invoice management solution for almost any company.

Digital Invoice Processing with windream Invoice Management Pro

Digital invoice processing with windream Invoice Management Pro

The professional and extended version of the popular windream invoice receipt management is now available

What are the differences to the basic version?

windream Invoice Management Pro is based on a best-practice approach which already covers many typical user scenarios - manual configurations before implementation are thus reduced to a minimum. In order to achieve this, we used our values of experience gained during many years of cross-industry cooperation with our customers and integrated them into our software solution for digital invoice processing.  The result is now available with windream Invoice Management Pro: a highly efficient and comprehensive invoice management, which provides the appropriate options for a large part of all user scenarios.

Compared to the standard version, the Pro version differs by an extension of the workflow process, the form contents, the functions in the workflow steps when executing the workflow and by the number of form functions and contents. The delivery package has also been extended with other helpful features.

windream Invoice Management Pro has been implemented with the windream BPM software (windream BPM 8) for digital modeling and controlling of electronic workflows. The integrated "Smart Robots" are used as intelligent and configurable problem solvers.

The extended workflow with additional options

Within the invoice workflow, optional and configurable user steps are now available for selection. This allows the workflow to be quickly and easily adapted to the customer's specific process flows. Here are two examples.

1st scenario: Your company has an ordering system whose invoices are checked by the purchasing department. The advantage of windream Invoice Management Pro: Invoice verification in the purchasing department with reference to order processes can be "switched on" without any problems, thus adapting to your invoice processing workflows. 
2nd scenario: Invoices exceeding a certain amount should additionally be approved by the management. No problem with the Pro version: The corresponding amount from which such a release by the management should take place can be easily stored in the configuration.

Forms with comprehensive content for better findability

A lot has also changed in the area of form content. The forms now contain significantly more information, which means, among other things, that documents and activities can be found more quickly during and after a workflow. Overall, the optimized search functions ensure that the desired information, for example on project or order processes, can be found immediately and at any time.

Avoiding input errors by validation

With various validation functions, windream Invoice Management Pro gives the user a helping hand. Potentially wrongly entered data (e.g. incorrect amounts) are immediately reported. Thus, calculation and typing errors are a thing of the past.

Account assignment tables

The account assignment or item table enables the user to further process invoice items that have already been read out in advance. This means that an account assignment of the items with real accounts and cost objects is already possible during the checking process. Preparation for transferring the data to the financial accounting system is also simplified by the fact that item splits and comparison against purchase order and delivery items are possible. This saves the user complicated and time-consuming process steps in invoice processing.

A professional digital invoice management - with top benefits for the user.

All in all, all these functions are consistently geared towards providing the user with a professional invoice management system that provides him with all the information he needs and reduces manual entries to a minimum. The system supports the user exactly as it has to be the objective in a modern, electronic invoice management system.
In combination with the new windream BPM 8 and the "Smart Robots", you will get comprehensive and configurable options to convert your entire company to electronic processes - not only, but especially also your invoice management.

The highlights of windream Invoice Management Pro

  • Professional invoice management with significantly extended functions compared to the standard version
  • Workflow-supported invoice processing based on our Business Process Management system windream BPM, version 8
  • Extensive functions with individually designable and adaptable workflows 

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