Validating and archiving XInvoices with windream

A new windream solution supports the processing of electronic invoices according to the EU standard.

The development team of our project management recently presented the first version of a new solution for electronic invoice processing. What is currently still being implemented as a single customer project is to be extended to another powerful windream solution in our product portfolio in the future.

V Invoice

The new windream solution for so-called X-invoices is able to validate invoices which are available in the defined format of an X-invoice automatically and to archive them securely in windream.

During the validation process, XInvoices are first checked. The system then generates detailed validation reports in HTML format. In the event that one or more technical errors are identified, an invoice can then be rejected for further processing, if necessary. The check report ensures that technical errors can be identified immediately. The information from the X-invoices or from the check reports can be used in windream for indexing the invoices, so that they can still be retrieved efficiently at a later point in time.

In contrast to scanned invoices, for example, from which relevant information first has to be read out electronically by means of suitable tools (which, however, are quite error-prone due to the different invoice formats), the XInvoice standard de facto ensures a technically error-free invoice processing.

The first version of our new invoice processing solution allows users to automatically check existing or received XInvoices, to create a check report and to permanently save the documents together with the original PDF invoice documents in windream. In a future version, it will also be possible to generate XInvoices and to send them to the recipients as outgoing invoices - seen from the perspective of the creator.

Background: XInvoices in the context of the European standard for electronic invoice processing

With the "XInvoice" standard, Germany is implementing an EU requirement or directive. The aim of this directive is to introduce a standardized procedure throughout Europe with which electronic invoices can be exchanged between sender and recipient according to a uniform scheme. In Germany, XInvoice has been used mainly in connection with public-sector customers up to the present time. Since spring 2020, when XInvoice will be introduced in public administration, the XInvoice standard can be used to send invoices to public clients. Responsible for the definition of the XInvoice standard, for its further development and for its use by companies and institutions in Germany is the Coordination Office for IT Standards (KoSIT) in Bremen (see also:

A customer of windream GmbH from the public sector has been using the windream solution for XInvoices very successfully for some time now.

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