Modelling and controlling workflows digital with windream BPM

windream Business Process Management

Electronic workflows increasingly determine the everyday life of companies - for a good reason. Because a modern enterprise content management system like windream is no longer only used for the general administration of heterogeneous information.
With windream BPM, the windream ECM-system can also ideally contribute to the support of automated workflows up to the control of complex business processes.

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And it is one of the few, if not the only system that combines classic document management with digital process management.

Robert Popovičwindream partner and managing director of Noema Cooperating d.o.o., Ljubljana (Slovenia), about the windream project at KPMG

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The digital software solution for the efficient management of any type of contract

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What does the abbreviation "BPM" mean?

Definition and explanation

The abbreviation "BPM" stands for Business Process Management. Business Process Management deals with optimising business processes electronically from start to finish. In the process, the processes are analysed and modelled. Existing processes can be individually adapted. The systematic control always aims at optimising the workflows continuously. With windream BPM, we offer you a mature software solution which allows you to design your business processes even more efficiently than before.

Thinking BPM through from the beginning

We offer all users state-of-the-art solutions for managing business processes - so-called workflows. No matter whether invoices have to be processed, project processes have to be defined, tight deadlines have to be met or documents have to be linked to business processes - our business process management solution interacts smoothly with the windream ECM-system. It allows you to design, edit and control business processes easily and flexibly. Thus, company-specific workflows which run according to fixed rules can be fully automated.

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Advantages - BPM with windream

  • Easy generation, execution and control of business processes
  • Smooth interaction between the BPM- and the windream ECM-system
  • Close linking of processes and process-accompanying documents
  • Universal, individual and versatile use

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Workflows in practice: windream invoice management

Manage invoices digitally

Save yourself paperwork or long Excel lists! With the windream leave workflow, you and your employees can manage leave requests easily, reliably and flexibly.

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Contract management

windream Contract Management

With our digital contract management solution, you retain full control and a complete overview at all stages.

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