Digital modeling and control of electronic workflows with BPM software

The windream BPM software for workflow automation

Electronic processes increasingly determine the everyday life of companies - with good reason. After all, a modern enterprise content management system like windream has long since not only been used for the general administration of heterogeneous information.
Together with the BPM-software windream BPM, the windream ECM-system can also be ideally used for mapping electronically controlled business processes with workflows.

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And it is one of the few, if not the only system that combines classic document management with digital process management.

Robert Popovičwindream partner and managing director of Noema Cooperating d.o.o., Ljubljana (Slovenia), about the windream project at KPMG

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The modern BPM software for digital process management. Learn more about the automation of business processes with windream BPM.

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What is BPM?

The short form "BPM" stands for Business Process Management. Business Process Management always aims to digitally display and further optimize business processes. Already existing processes can be individually adapted at any time. With our windream BPM-system (BPMS), we offer you a mature solution which allows you to design your company's business processes much more efficiently than in the traditional way.

From simple workflow to complex process modeling

Workflows, workflow automation, BPM software, BPMS, BPM tool or BPM suite - what does it all actually mean? - Basically, in the context of these terms and abbreviations, it is always about process modeling on the digital, i.e. on the IT-supported level.

For example, this can involve processes that are already "lived" in the company, i.e., that actually already exist as real processes, or new processes that are being introduced for the first time, for example, as a result of changed structures in the company. When digitally designing these recurring business processes, there are no limits to the imagination.

A decisive advantage of digital process management over the traditional way of doing things (a classic: going to the boss in person to have an invoice signed off) is generally the fact that business processes can be adapted or remodeled at any time and without any complications, depending on the requirements and how the (recurring) process can be designed most effectively in the company. This is where the strength of electronic processes and specialized BPM software for "Business Process Management" or "BPM" for short, electronic process management in the company, lies.

Business process digitization and automation

In most cases, a real-life role model for digital process control is a process that already exists and is lived in "analog" form in your company. The business process of signing off on an invoice from the boss, which has already been mentioned, is probably a clichéd idea in this context, but this process nevertheless takes place millions of times a day. It is obvious that digital processing saves a lot of time, because in the age of electronic workflows it is no longer necessary to go to the boss. Instead, the process is just a virtual step on the workstation computer.

Modern BPM-systems (BPMS) like windream BPM have a graphical designer. This BPM tool is an indispensable prerequisite for modeling, i.e. for designing a workflow. "Graphical" in this context means that you, as a user or administrator, get a "blank" sheet on the screen and, in addition, a "box" of BPM tools. What is meant by this is a toolbar or box that contains all those elements, functions and instructions that you need to design a workflow. You simply drag the desired commands and functions from the toolbox onto the initially empty worksheet, name the individual process steps, define their sequence, and then connect them within the workflow using graphically displayed arrows and direction indicators. Quickly give the process a name, save it, complete a test run and publish the workflow in the company - done!

Over time, you model new processes so that at some point in near future, you will have a whole set of workflows. You can

  • modify them
  • extend them or
  • adapt them to the special requirements of the departments in the company.
  • You can also combine multiple workflows into a new process in such a way that you end up with a whole mesh of individual workflows that may then represent a complex process of their own.

Since you can of course save and reuse the individual process models, this workflow structure results in efficient workflow or process management within your Business Process Management System (BPMS), with which you are ideally equipped for the digital future.  This is how real digitization works today!

Many providers of BPM systems (BPMS) focus only on the user's ability to model business processes and then to use them in the applying company. However, there is another aspect which is especially important for the windream BPM software. This is the close integration of a business process management system with document management and enterprise content management. Why is this important? It is quite simple: Most business processes require the management of documents which accompany the process. To stay with the example of the walk to your boss's office: What would the process still be worth if the actual invoice document were not included in the process? - Nothing.

With the windream BPM software, you can therefore provide the electronic workflow with all documents and other information which are relevant for the business process to be carried out. Typically, you archive the documents in the windream ECM-system. The documents are simply inserted into the digital image of the process in windream BPM via drag & drop from the drive of the windream ECM-system or via Windows Explorer. Virtual, digital confirmations, requests, approvals or even rejections are logged by the BPM-system, so that the process can still be traced completely later on. The BPMS registers when, why, and who specifically processed or signed off on a workflow and the accompanying documents in the individual steps at a specific point in time.

Exactly this aspect has also been considered in the context of our windream software solutions,

Only rarely does a process run smoothly, i.e. from step 1 to X without interruption. For this reason, it is possible with a modern BPM software like windream BPM to make various "back" or "side" steps in a process. This is important

  • if there are ever any queries in a process,
  • if the further course of events has to be clarified before the process can be continued,
  • or when it is a matter of approving (or rejecting) documents that accompany the process.  

All these eventualities can be modeled exactly in digital form with a modern BPMS like windream BPM.
And if something really does not fit, it will be made suitable - by simply modifying the workflow with the BPM-Designer. This way, you can perfectly adapt digital business processes to changing requirements in your company at any time.

BPM Software - Business Process Management - windream GmbH

The essence of BPM, ECM and DMS

Seamlessly integrated and highly concentrated - the close connection between windream as an ECM-system or DMS and windream BPM as a Business Process Management system results in a highly integrated overall software package for you as a user, which seamlessly links document management and BPM and unites them under a common software roof. While business processes are digitally modeled and executed with windream BPM, audit-proof archiving and storage of the accompanying documents is carried out in windream DMS or in the windream long-term archive.
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Business Process Management - well thought out down to the smallest detail

With windream BPM, we offer you a state-of-the-art BPM system (BPMS) for managing your business processes via workflows. No matter whether you process invoices, define project workflows, meet tight deadlines or link documents to business processes: our Business Process Management software will optimally support you on your way to your goal. And windream BPM interacts smoothly with the windream ECM-system.

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Significant advantages through digital process management

Digitizing your company's business processes has serious advantages over handling workflows purely manually.

Advantages of Business Process Management (BPM) with windream

  • Easy generation, execution, modeling and control of business processes
  • Flexibly adaptable processes
  • Enormous time savings due to significantly reduced processing times
  • Reduced costs due to shorter processing times
  • Automated process handling through electronic and thus standardized process management with workflows.
  • Smooth interaction between the windream BPM and ECM-systems.
  • Close linking of processes and process-accompanying documents.
  • Universal, individual and versatile

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Workflow automation as a central aspect of process management

The goal of efficient digitization in a company is always to increase the degree of automation for recurring processes in the company as much as possible. In other words, the higher the level of automation you achieve, the more efficiently you will be able to handle your business processes - with all the benefits mentioned. This applies to almost all activities that you and your employees perform in the company.

The degree of automation is decisive

By using electronic workflows, you can already achieve a very high level of automation - depending on the area of the company. This is because the business processes, once they have been defined, can be used again and again and do not have to be created individually for each process. Once the process steps have been defined, released and made known to the company, you also work with a significantly reduced error rate, because each individual step has been defined and tested in advance. Deviations from the defined, existing process are then only possible through an official and approved adaptation of the workflow.

A major advantage: independence from personal presence

In addition, with business process management software you can work almost independently of the people who are actually present. Regardless of whether or not a responsible processor is on site, you can use substitute regulations to determine what should happen if the colleagues involved are not currently present.

Digitization opens up further undreamed-of possibilities at this point, because you can of course also control processes via the web and even with your smartphone. The result: Despite the absence of the people involved in a process, nothing gets left undone, the business process progresses and can be completed much more quickly, since the employees involved can still be reached outside the office via the technical possibilities of BPM software.

Last but not least, you therefore also work completely independently of company divisions and departments. Whether accounting, human resources, home office or business trip - with a digital business process management system you always enjoy the advantage of time and location independence.

Workflows in practice

With windream, you can manage all processes easily and conveniently!

Digital invoice processing

Manage invoices digitally

With our intelligent software, recurring workflows related to invoices can be conveniently automated. The result: enormous time savings and significant optimization of all business processes.

Invoice processing

Successfully in use: windream BPM software

Individual and industry-specific software deployment:
  • Highest priority: streamlining of business processes
  • Use of a flexible system for process modeling and document management
  • Realization of a process-oriented view of business transactions at KPMG
  • Implementation of electronically controlled workflows

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