The new version of our ECM suite is out - windream 8!

The time has come: With windream 8, the next generation of our windream Enterprise Content Management suite is launched. So: Get started! The release has already taken place. windream 8 is available as of now. What can you expect? Here is an overview of the most important new features.

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The new windream Live Search raises document retrieval to a new level

Our new windream Live Search in windream 8 sets standards when it comes to researching, finding and displaying information from a windream system on the screen in real-time. The new application for the windream Dynamic Workspace is able to identify possible results or refinements of the entered search term already while typing it in and to suggest them to you as possible search results.

The Live Search allows you to refine the set of search results step by step by means of filters, also called "facets". This is done in the same way as, for example, an article search in an online store: You enter a search term, the system displays the results and you refine your search result by means of the facets, for example by filtering by manufacturer, price, color of the article, etc., just like in the store.  Due to the complete integration into the windream Dynamic Workspace, the windream Live Search can be used immediately, independent of the respective terminal device - i.e. also on the smartphone.

windream Search with Google-Feeling

As a delivery standard, the windream search in the windream Dynamic Workspace has been reduced to the essentials. This does not mean, of course, that the well-known, numerous search options cannot be used further on. But when starting the retrieval application in the Dynamic Workspace, "only" one single input field is displayed as a standard - just like in Google. It couldn't be simpler or more efficient.

VFS-X: The new windream drive fires up the turbo

Our Virtual File System (VFS), on whose technology windream used to be based, has slowly but surely become outdated and will now be replaced step by step by the next generation of VFS driver technology.

Therefore, the name "VFS-X". "X" as in "Extended" means here that the new drive technology has an enormous performance, which - depending on the system environment and compared to the "old" driver - reaches a maximum of thirty times the speed, according to our development manager.

WebDAV as extremely performant drive technology for the windream Dynamic Workspace

The WebDAV technology provided with windream 8.0 allows opening and editing documents in the original MS-Office applications. A windream installation on the workstation computer is not required for this.

Furthermore, MS-Office documents can be opened and edited directly from the windream Dynamic Workspace with the help of this technology, without having to download them locally.

Support for PostgreSQL as database system

With windream 8, we also support the free database alternative PostgreSQL (from version 14) for the first time. As an open source system, PostgreSQL is a real alternative to the licensed systems of established providers and is by no means slower. On the contrary, its performance is just as good and - depending on the infrastructure - possibly even better. Measured against the requirements of a high-volume ECM system, PostgreSQL is also suitable for managing large document inventories.

Numerous detail improvements

The focus of the windream 8 development was mainly on the windream Dynamic Workspace. All in all, however, the eighth generation of the windream ECM-system with all its functions has undergone detailed improvements in many areas. Most of them refer to the technical background, i.e. they have been implemented "under the hood", to use the image of the turbo mentioned above.

Finally, two features have to be mentioned: In the windream Dynamic Workspace, views can now be "mapped" or exported. This means that views can be transferred to another Dynamic Workspace, if required.

And last but not least, the use of the WebDAV-technology is mainly responsible for the fact that windream 8 now fully supports the Information Lifecycle Management of SAP - SAP ILM for short.

Highlights of windream 8

  • Selectively filtering search results with the facetted search of the new windream Live Search
  • Up to 30 times faster speed with the new windream drive VFS-X
  • Support of PostgreSQL as database system
  • Exporting views from the Dynamic Workspace ("mapping")
  • Support of the Information Lifecycle Management from SAP - in short SAP ILM 

The Enterprise Content Management system windream

windream 8 is an Enterprise Content Management system: In an ECM-system, not only documents or files are stored and archived (document management), but also further applications and the data and information generated from them are included. This can be e-mails as well as electronic business processes (workflows) or even combinations with other third party applications, e.g. ERP and other business-relevant applications. Get to know further features of windream and which advantages our ECM-software offers you.
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